Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Is Beauty?

I decided to do this post because I often wonder at what point in my weight loss will people stop seeing my weight and start seeing my beauty.  I know everyone has their idea of what beauty is so I wanted to ask my fellow bloggers what they thought.  I searched the web and found pictures of models at different weights.  I'm not asking you to be judgemental of the models I just want to know what you see as beautiful.  I've labeled each picture with the search I did online to find them.

Too Skinny Model

Fitness Model

Healthy Model
Plus Size Model

Just so you know what I think I would be happy being any of these except the first one, its just alittle to skinny to me.


  1. Hmmm, interesting one...
    Very subjective, so a purely personal observation. The third and fourth look beautiful to me. First one looks unwell and I feel 'sorry' for her, and the second one looks too 'hard' for my way of thinking - torso OK, but arms not so beautiful.
    What do I look like? Er, none of the above.
    Even though I've lost a shed load of weight, I have the baggy bits and skin flaps that mark where it used to reside. Always will too, but my hubby thinks I'm beautiful and I'm learning to try to see myself that way... when I can.

  2. The best weight for you is the one you are comfortable with. However, there is such an important concept as 'healthy weight'. In order to achieve and keep it you have to develop healthy eating habits. I’ve read somewhere that even if you attend gym every day but keep eating junk food – you are wasting your time. Lots of useful advices on proper nutrition I have found here They provide special tips for women and lots of motivative ideas!

  3. Hello Christina,
    The Too Skinny Model makes me cringe! My mom instincts want to feed her!
    The Fitness Model reminds me of two of Michelangelo's sculptures: Night from the tomb of Giuliano de' Medici and Dawn from the Tomb of Lorenzo. These are actually sculptures of young males as female did not model nude in those days. Michelangelo simply added breasts to them.
    The Healthy Model is how I believe most American women would like to look, while the Plus Size Model is what I think most men (world-wide) find beautiful. I base this last assumption on the artwork one finds throughout history. From Greek statues to Italian Renaissance art, French Impressionism, and even to modern art, it is rare to find famous art of thin models. I deduce from this that thin is not as appreciated by men as it is wished for by women.

    1. I wrote from my husband's browser! It makes his picture next to the word "my mom instincts" rather disconcerting!

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