Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Around

Just wanted to let you know I"m still around just kind of got some serious stuff going on right now that I need to focus on first.  I'm still trying to watch what I eat but the exercise for the time being is put on hold.  I don't know how any of the rest of you are but when I have something serious going on thats about all I can handle.  My mom has always said I can only deal with one thing at a time and she's right.  I'm working on that though.  Today I tackled my housework, schoolwork and prepared for 2 shoots I have for the newspaper in the next couple days.  I have alot going on right now and even though I shouldn't put myself on the backburner I need to for now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Good Day

For breakfast I had 2 cups of Kashi cereal with 1 cup skim milk.  Then for a snack I had 1 handful of mixed nuts.

For lunch I had a salad and a banana.

I haven't done to much today besides cleaning up my house and mowing my grass.  Not sure what exercise I'm going to do today yet, may just do my weight lifting and crunches.

So far its been another good day and I'm trying really hard not to overeat but I'm so bored, depressed and lonely.

I ended up taking a nap earlier and when I woke up my son was wanting something to eat so we ended up going out to eat.  I do have to tell the truth I binged and purged.  I know it was wrong and I shouldn't have done it but I did and now I just have to move on.  I'm still going to do my weight training and crunches before bedtime so at least most of my day was positive.  Its just harder when I have these weekends without all my kids.  I don't have them to keep me busy.  Tomorrow I will be back to normal because I will be getting everything ready to start off the week.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Start

Well I weighed this morning and of course I didn't like what I saw.  The scale said 224.8 lbs but thats ok I'm making a new start.  I've already had my breakfast this morning which was 1 1/2 cups of Kellogg's FiberPlus Cinnamon Oat Crunch cereal and 1 cup skim milk.  Here is my schedule for the rest of the day.

Clean House
Take shower and get ready
Wash, dry and put away clothes
Pay bills
Make phone calls
Take off Trash
Grocery shopping
Walk (2 miles)
Fix Lunch
Put weight bench together
Clean up my car
Fix Dinner
Drink 50 oz water
Mow grass- can't do today has flat tire
Get kids off to their dads
Do weight training
Do pushups
Drink 50 oz water
Have a relaxing, stress free evening

Seems like alot to do but I love staying busy, keeps my mind off food.  Well kids just got on the schoolbus so time for me to get to work.  I'll be updating throughout the day to let you know how I'm doing.  If I can just make it through this one day then that will get me back on track.

A short update about my eating.  I didn't really eat lunch I just kind of snacked when I got hungry and I ended up eating 1 banana, 38 veggie straws and a handful of mixed nuts.  Still working on getting all my work done so I can just relax and enjoy this weekend.

For dinner I had a salad and for a snack I had 4 lowfat cookies.

I'm bored out of my mind and got a killer headache so I'm having to fight the urge to eat plus I don't feel like doing my weight lifting right now.  I did have a couple snacks, 2 cups grapes, 2 lowfat cookies and 38 veggie straws, but not all at one time.  My eating has been pretty good today so I just want to make it to bedtime without eating anything else.

Well I ended up falling asleep and didn't do my weight training or finish my water but thats ok I still had a good day.