Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Good Day

For breakfast I had 2 cups of Kashi cereal with 1 cup skim milk.  Then for a snack I had 1 handful of mixed nuts.

For lunch I had a salad and a banana.

I haven't done to much today besides cleaning up my house and mowing my grass.  Not sure what exercise I'm going to do today yet, may just do my weight lifting and crunches.

So far its been another good day and I'm trying really hard not to overeat but I'm so bored, depressed and lonely.

I ended up taking a nap earlier and when I woke up my son was wanting something to eat so we ended up going out to eat.  I do have to tell the truth I binged and purged.  I know it was wrong and I shouldn't have done it but I did and now I just have to move on.  I'm still going to do my weight training and crunches before bedtime so at least most of my day was positive.  Its just harder when I have these weekends without all my kids.  I don't have them to keep me busy.  Tomorrow I will be back to normal because I will be getting everything ready to start off the week.


  1. Something can be done about bored and lonely. Perhaps addressing those two things will relieve the depression. I love to quilt, garden, and have quite a circle of friends because of the activities I am a part of. Go to the library and get some books to read. Learn more about your condition. Call someone to go out for coffee. Get better acquainted with your neighbors. Plant a garden. Join a reading group through the library - or start one yourself. Don't wait for these things to come to you--seek them out. Many schools welcome study buddies for elementary kids who are struggling - volunteer. Get out there. You have begun some very positive things, there are a lot of things out there that will fill your life with so much that you won't have time to be depressed, much less lonely or bored. Don't make me come over there. :-)

  2. I went back a few days to see how you did with your list of chores. You did wonderfully: congratulations!

    As you might guess, I'm disturbed that the binge/purge cycle continues. Oh, Christina, I'm completely aware of how difficult this bully is to beat. It takes all of your will, and leaves you with no energy to fight anything else. I wish with all my heart that you'd be able to find someone who could work with you on this and your depression. The way you describe your depression, it doesn't sound like it's just a passing mood. It sounds like it might be the real thing, which is commonly found in binge-purge ED. Let's see if I can find some EDs which are and aren't related to the mood disorder spectrums.

    I guess you knew all that already. :>)