Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reviewing my Goals

When I started my weight loss blog I set these goals for my progress.  As you can see I should be at 191 lbs right now and as of just a few minutes ago I weighed 218.4 lbs.  Yes I've gained but I've even been putting off my weigh in.  I should be 26 lbs lighter right now but by allowing myself to get sidetracked I have thrown my weight loss in reverse.  I thought maybe by reviewing my goals I could motivate myself to get back on track. 

August 10, 2010- 247 lbs (starting weight)
September 7, 2010- 237 lbs
October 5, 2010- 229 lbs
November 2, 2010- 221 lbs
November 30, 2010- 213 lbs (34 lb loss for Thanksgiving, thats a lot to be thankful for)
December 28, 2010- 205 lbs (42 lb loss for Christmas would make it a very merry Christmas)
January 25, 2011- 197 lbs
February 22, 2011- 189 lbs (under 200 for valentines how sweet that would be)
March 22, 2011- 181 lbs
April 19, 2011- 173 lbs
May 17, 2011- 165 lbs
June 14, 2011- 157 lbs
July 12, 2011- 149 lbs ( 2 days before my birthday what a wonderful birthday present to myself)
August 9, 2011- 141 lbs (this would be the smallest I have ever been)

My next goal for this year is to walk 600 miles.  To meet this goal I should be walking 50 miles a month and we are halfway through February and I've only walked 7.1 miles.  Time to get my booty moving.

Next I have a biking goal of 300 miles, I've only rode a pathetic 1 mile and I should have already rode 37 miles.

I have a goal of going to the gym which was to do strength training at least 3 times a week and swimming twice a week and I haven't stepped one foot into a gym yet.

I also set a goal to do 100 crunches every other day and so far I've only done it 4 days.

I don't have to go to school tomorrow and its suppose to be pretty here so I plan on getting my lazy butt out and walking, maybe doing something for my health will help me get my motivation back.  I don't want to be retyping my goals a year from now and still being in the same spot with my weight or even worse weighing more than I do right now.

All my other goals concern my eating and I'm listing them here as a reminder.

Water Goal: I had a goal in 2010 of drinking at least 128 oz of water a day but of course I never hit that goal so for 2011 I'm just going to work on drinking as much water as possible without setting a goal.

Eating Goals: The following are my goals for my food intake daily:

Sugar- I have greatly reduced my sugar intake already but its still something I need to continue to work on.

Fruits- I love fruits especially sweet fruits like bananas, apples and grapes but I have learned that fruits have alot of natural sugar in them so you do need to watch how much you eat so my goal is to continue to keep my fruit intake to a maximum of 1-2 servings per day.

Vegetables- I have always been a vegetable eater but I have had to learn to replace some of my carbs like macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with vegetables instead. I am learning to try new vegetables that I've never had before to add some variety into my eating and vegetables really are good for you and help to fill you up. So I plan on continuing to try at least one new vegetable and make sure I get my daily servings of veggies in.

Carbohydrates- This is probably one of my favorite types of foods, I mean who doesn't love macaroni and cheese and pasta dishes and breads but if you aren't careful these types of food can put alot of weight on you. So I plan on continuing to really watch my intake of carbs.

Soda- I have mainly been drinking water but I have been sneaking in a couple diet sodas a week and I want to completely give up sodas again.

Fast Food- I try to pick the healthiest thing when I get fast food but like a friend pointed out to me no fast food is healthy. I'm only picking out the least unhealthy thing on the menu so this is definitely something I need to give up. So my last goal is to completely avoid fast food.

Recommended Daily Allowances:
(not really a challenge but something I need to keep an eye on)
Calories: 1760 to lose 2 lbs a week
Fat: 64 grams
Fiber: 25 grams
Carbohydrates: 300 grams
Sugar: 40 grams
Protein: 50 grams
Sodium: 2400 milligrams

I know it seems like alot but it all goes hand in hand with each other.


  1. Every day is a new day to start again. You can do this. Good luck with your goals:)

  2. Calendar goals aren't for everyone! Please don't worry about what weight you "should" be by now. You are doing great!

    You are hanging in there. You inspire me. :-)

    If I were you, I would focus on all of those other goals, and then the weight loss will just naturally follow. Weigh in weekly or less often, and don't try to lose more than a pound a week.

    Losing a pound a week may seem slow, but it's 52 pounds in a year!!! Good luck, I look forward to seeing what's next for you.