Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eating Only When I'm Hungry

I had a long talk with the guy I'm seeing about addictions and how to overcome them.  He's had his own addictions in the past and it seems so easy for him to conquer them through sheer willpower and his faith in God to help him.  I've prayed to God so many times to help me with my eating disorder because I sure don't have the willpower to beat it by myself.  Maybe I'm just not truly open to his help but we talked about how this could just be God's plan for me somehow.  We talked about my struggle with bulimia and how I wished I was more like him when it came to eating.  He only eats when he is hungry, which isn't alot.  We have been dating a couple weeks and I've never seen him eat, not once.  He's skinny and of course that makes me feel even fattier.  One good thing is coming out of it though, my determination to lose this weight is getting stronger and stronger each day.  I just want to be the best I can be not only for myself but also for him.  I guess he likes me the way I am or otherwise he wouldn't continue to want to see me but I just want to lose this weight so I feel more comfortable when I'm with him.  I just have to learn the habit of eating only when I'm hungry.  Why is that such a hard concept to wrap my mind around?  Food is made to nourish our bodies not to comfort us in times of need and reward us in times of celebration.  Its time I learn these lessons and become stronger than my disease.  Today was day two without any binges or purges which is a positive sign that I'm getting back on track.  I just have to take this battle one day at a time.

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