Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food and Exercise Journal

I decided today was the day to get back on track so my first step is to journal what I'm eating so I can hold myself accountable.  I will be updating this through the day but for now I'm just going to list breakfast.

Breakfast- 2 cups kashi cereal
                 1 cup skim milk
                 16.9 oz water

Well no use in listing what else I had to eat today because it turned out to be a very stressful day.  I didn't really overeat to bad but I didn't eat good either.

I did get out and take some pictures today though, I love the signs of spring coming.


  1. Your doing great so far!! Just take it one hour at a time.

  2. I struggle with over eating. I myself have been overweight my whole life. I work out and eat healthy now...but I still struggle with bouts of relapses and binge eating. What I find helpful is to keep picking myself up and trying over and over and over again. I also have to be forgiving towards myself. I think noting EVERYTHING that you eat-privately on a bad day-is still healthy. You need not be judgemental about yourself, but it is good to still be aware-even when you slip. Just my opinion.

  3. By the way, I am a 29 year old mother of one. My highest weight was 290. I weigh 199 right now. So I know what it is like to struggle. Write it all down if you can-privately if you wish. Build up your awareness. That is all we can do if we slip.