Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Family

Since my family has changed alittle over the last 4 months I thought I would reintroduce you to my family as it exists now.  As most of you know my husband and my self decided it was best for us to go our seperate ways so he is no longer part of my family and I also decided to give him our dog since he is more of a dog lover than I am.  I've added a new addition to our family in the last week with the adoption of  a new cat.  So here is my family.

(My oldest son Brandon who is 14 years old)

(My twins Joshua and Dylan who are 9 years old)

(The newest addition to our family, Calie)

(My kitty, Junebug)

(My guinea pig, Ziggy)


  1. They're all so happy, healthy, and pretty, but if I could steal Calie, I'd die happy. I adore all cats. But a calico longhair is my dream cat from when I was a little girl. Never had one, but someday I will.

    You have a fine family.

  2. Hi Christina, I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, so only saw your family shots today. What a BEAUTIFUL family you have. (how DID you get Ziggy to pose in that basket???) Hope you are doing well, have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks so much weightingfor50, I just put him in the basket and sat him up like that and he stayed. Hope you have a great weekend to.