Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up late, can't sleep

I didn't officially weigh in this week because I didn't want to acknowledge my gain, but I have gained a couple pounds.  Oh well life goes on and all I can do is try to do better this next week.  I already have my breakfast planned out in the morning so that I can start my day off right.  I know I've been off the bandwagon for awhile but I truly do want to change that.  I can tell a difference in how my clothes are fitting and I can tell a big difference in how I feel about myself.  Its a slipper slope back into depression at this point if I don't get that scale going the other way.  All I can say is enough words and more action.

I do have some good news though.  I went for an interview for an internship for my local paper and I got it.  I was sent on my first assignment yesterday and the picture I took was published in the newspaper today.  I'm hoping that on top of going to school, doing schoolwork, taking care of my home and kids and now interning for the newspaper that will keep me busy enough to stay away from the food.

I also went out today and bought me a new computer, an external flash for my camera, a tripod, Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 so I will be having fun learning how to use all this new equipment.  So everything in my life is going good right now except for my eating and only one person can change that and thats me.  I got to find the inner strength and motivation to get back on track and stop letting food control my life.


  1. Why do we focus on the one thing that's negative when there are so many good things going on? I don't know. I do the same thing. Listen to the song over at my place and the story behind it. It will show you that everyone carries a burden of some kind. You, me, the man in the song. Pray for a stronger back - your friends here who are pulling for you all will help carry your burden as you help with ours.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. It really means alot to have so much support and only makes me want to succeed even more.

  3. Look at how much you've lost! For me, each day you go without purging is a huge victory. I know I keep talking about that, but I care about you, and it's dangerous in two ways: your body, and your emotional response to it. If you haven't been purging, your weight gain isn't the problem you see it as. In fact, even if you did purge, the weight gain isn't the sum of your life. It's temporary; yes, a setback, but you can overcome it.

    I'm very excited about the internship! That's terrific news! You have so many balls in the air I don't know how you can juggle all of them. Your purchases are more than exciting--I'd lose my mind with all of that incredible, stunning, marvelous stuff. OMG, PS CS5! I just got Dreamweaver CS5 this week. Losing my mind with joy. You're going to have so much fun.

    Yes, turn the compulsive binging into compulsive photography. It a wonderful idea.

    Good luck, girl. We're here for you.

  4. Love your blog! I am your newest follower! :) Erin