Saturday, January 7, 2012


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I'm bored out of my mind and that usually leads to overeating but no more.  I'm stronger than that and I'm determined to lose weight.  All my kids are gone for the weekend so I'm all alone with nothing to do but eating isn't the solution.  I could go to sleep but I'm not sleepy.  I could work on schoolwork but I'm all caught up.  I could clean but already did that today.  I really need to add a resolution to my list to get a  Maybe a long, hot soak in the bath is what I need.  Turn on some music and relax.  What do you do when your bored to keep from eating?


  1. Only in my wildest dreams would I ever have enough down time, and be caught up with everything I need/want to do for boredom to be a problem for me. I do find, though, that when I'm at home on my days off without the routine of the work day, I am more conscious of wanting to munch. I ran into that today. I knew I had to find something to satisfy my urge to snack, so I pulled out some mushrooms and dip, and had a very filling snack for 0 points. I'll post the recipe on my blog. ;-) Hope you ended up finding something to do to keep you from thinking about snacking. Have a great Sunday!! My work week starts all over. I totally hate working on Sundays while the rest of the world is relaxing and taking naps... but I keep repeating "i love my Fridays off, I love my Fridays off..." doesn't help much. ha.

  2. I'm sure I could have found things to do but laziness had kicked could have cleaned out my closet or cleaned the stove....worked on getting more organized but that requires doing work....I ended up taking a long soak in the bath and finishing up washing and drying some clothes and responding to some other blogs. After that I got tired and went to sleep, no eating for me. Don't work to hard.