Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling the Groove

For me weight loss occurs when I find a routine that works.  I know that I get up every morning, jump out of bed, eat breakfast, jump in the shower, get the kids off to school, head out to school myself, have a snack, have lunch, clean the house, have a snack, help kids with homework, fix dinner, spend time with the kids, have a snack and head off to bed.  Now you know how boring my life I'm feeling the groove. 

Well my groove is going to be tested this next week because I'm heading out for a 5 day trip to New Orleans on Saturday with students from school for a photography convention.  I'm already trying to plan out what I'm going to have so that I don't blow these 5 days.  Its very important to me that I stay on track and come back from this trip with a loss.  I plan on taking cereal bars for breakfast so thats covered.  I do have to volunteer a few hours a day while I'm there helping out at the convention so that will keep me busy and my thoughts off food.  My problem is I'm going to have to be completely dependent on fast food the whole time I'm there and we are attending parties where the alcohol is free...not good.  Hopefully I can stay strong and avoid those empty calories.  I do plan on having one traditional New Orleans meal while I'm there so I will have to plan for that so that I don't go over my points.  I just have to take this as another challenge to overcome.

I will miss my weigh in on Tuesday and my meeting which really sucks but that just means I have two weeks to lose instead of one so I should lose twice as much weight.  I'm determined not to let anyone or anything stand in my way of losing weight but I do sometimes wonder when my willpower will give.  Just hoping I can stay strong and hit goal this time.


  1. WOW, Christina! That is indeed a challenge!! Sounds like you have breakfast under control. Will there be any way to get somewhere and get some fruit? At our meeting tonight one of the gals was talking about her daily challenges of being on the road all day every day. We suggested that she keep a good supply of grapes on hand, keep an eye out for Wendy's (small chili), sushi, even grocery stores often have salad bars. You may not have very much control about where you go, but I'm confident that you'll make the wisest choices possible. Ask if you can order lunch-size portions. Could you be lucky enough that one of your travel mates is also watching their diet? Maybe someone would be willing to split some dinners with you, so that you wouldn't be tempted to clean your plate. Check to see if your hotel has a gym where you can walk or work out, and maybe there will be lots of hiking/walking involved. When are you leaving? I'll say some prayers for you for an extra measure of determination. You can do it!!!!

  2. I'm not sure about fruit CathyB I will just have to wait until I get there and see what is around. No matter where I have to eat I will try to come up with something healthy to have, even if I have to special order it. I refuse to blow my weight loss just because I'm going out of town. Thanks so much for all the ideas and I can probably share meals with the girl I'm friends with at school she's very small and doesn't eat much. We do have a gym in the hotel but I'm not sure how busy I'm going to be while I'm there but I will be doing lots of walking so that should count. I'm leaving Saturday morning so in about 16 hours from now. Thanks for the prayers.