Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bulimic NO MORE

Most of you know that I have struggled with being bulimic for the last 13 years.  I've had times when I've done really good and not resorted to this method of weight loss, which by the way doesn't result in weight loss.  When I was pregnant I wasn't bulimic, when I was breastfeeding I wasn't bulimic and there were a few other times where I went for a span of time without being bulimic, the longest being about 9 months. 

As you know I'm doing Weight Watchers once again and this time I'm determined to do it the healthy way.  There have been a couple times where the thought has ran through my head that I could eat whatever I wanted and then just get rid of it but nope it's not going to happen.  If I can't lose this weight in a healthy way I don't want to lose it all.

I've been bulimia free for a couple months now and it feels so good to not turn to a behavior like that.  It's awful not to have control over your own thoughts and actions.  It's an addiction and I'm breaking that cycle once and for all. 

I don't know whats different about this time but something inside me has finally clicked.  I'm eating healthy and its not even hard, I think I've finally formed a new habit where food is concerned and I just have to keep with my routine.  I'm finally free of this disease and on the right path to getting healthy and losing weight.


  1. YEAH!! Just notice, everytime I say, I think its finally clicked, something goes OFF, like a monkey waiting in the parking lot for me, my addiction pounces!! Not sure if it s the same for you, just saying

  2. Looking back at some of my posts I was just thinking that earlier. I was reading and I could see how many times before I thought this weight loss thing was in the bag. I truly do hope this time is different because I really need this. I wish u the best of luck in your weight loss.

  3. That is excellent news, congratulations. It is definitely all about that healthy lifestyle becoming habit and the norm.

  4. I am glad you are going for it the healthy way! There will be some hard times, but don't give up.