Monday, January 9, 2012

If You Need a Friend

I was bored earlier so I decided to reread some of my old posts.  Well I came across one where I was using the rain as an excuse not to exercise when I could have easily gotten on my treadmill.  Another blogger left me a comment pretty much telling me to quit making excuses and do what I needed to do.  Well I came home to that comment that day and ended up walking 4 miles just because of her. 

It got me to thinking that alot of us probably need a friend to root us on and some of us aren't lucky enough to have that.  So I thought maybe I could put myself out there for anyone that needs alittle cheering up, encouragement, someone to remind them to exercise or just to be a friend.

If you just leave me a comment or even send me an email I would be happy to help out.


  1. Oh crap. I've been thinking about my stupid treadmill all week. And I've been telling myself that just getting in the groove of the eating plan is enough.. I shouldn't "rock the boat" by "trying to do too much".

    I ain't buyin' it... but i don't like it.

    Seriously, without making excuses, I do have a really crazy schedule.

    Crap. I make the time to blog, so I guess I could make the time to work out.


    you know you totally rock.... don't you?

  2. Well now that you've talked yourself into exercising I guess I need to start exercising to. I do have plans to start back. I have a trip I'm taking this weekend which I will write more about later and I'm not coming back until Wednesday but after I get back I'm going to start going to the gym. I do have a free membership guess I should use it.