Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions 2012

I have a pretty long list of resolutions for 2012 but I'm hoping to accomplish alot of them.  This is a very big year for me because I'm making some major changes in my life.  Here are my resolutions:

1.  Get a divorce
2.  Graduate college
3.  Either find a job or an internship working with a photographer
4.  Get a better car
5.  Start saving money
6.  Catch up on all my scrapbooking projects
7.  Do some major cleaning and downsize on everything we don't need
8.  Keep blogging
9.  Find Mr Right for me
10.Cook more and eat out less
11. Make out a workout schedule and stick to it
12. And lastly lose as much weight as possible

I think that just about covers it.  At the end of this year I'm hoping to be able to look back on this list and say I accomplished everything on it.  So what are some of your resolutions for 2012?


  1. We just "met", and I'm probably way out of line saying these things lol, but.. As an older and wiser girl.. I thought I'd comment on your resolutions.
    1. Get a divorce. ABSOLUTELY. Get that nasty little formality out of the way. It's hard to move forward with that ball and chain weighing you down!!
    2. Graduate college. WOO HOO!! You go girl!!! My second biggest regret was not getting a degree.
    3. Either find a job or an internship working with a photographer. Good luck!! I'm sure this will be the year that it happens for you! I love photography!
    4. Get a better car. Gotta be safe!!
    5. Start saving money. Ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He has a great program!
    6. Catch up on all my scrapbooking projects. I'm a scrapbooker too!!! So many projects, so little time.
    7. Do some major cleaning and downsize on everything we don't need. That gives you such a feeling of empowerment. Love that!
    8. Keep blogging. Yes ma'am.
    9. Find Mr Right for me. Don't rush this. Sometimes Mr. Right takes a long time. (Took me 19 years from my divorce.) Don't waste time and energy looking for him. With your three guys at home to take care of, you'll be plenty busy. I found Mr. Right when my daughter was in 5th grade... and it was very difficult having another man trying to be her daddy, and the horrible thing was that immediately after I married him (I'm talking driving out of the church parking lot) I realized it was a mistake and he was a psychopath... and I left him 85 days later, lucky that my daughter and I survived. Literally. Of course that was (hopefully) just a fluke, but it taught me right quick that the most important thing in the world was to take care of me and my daughter. I learned that I could take care of myself and my daughter without a man, and even though it took me a few years to convince myself of that, once I truly embraced it, I was happy. And it was because I was happy with myself, I was able to find happiness with my true Mr. Right. :-) So, please don't make finding Mr. Right a project or resolution for this year. Take care of you and your boys first... the rest will come. And if I haven't totally made you hate me... here are the rest of my comments!
    10.Cook more and eat out less. That can only be a good thing. You have control over your food that way!
    11. Make out a workout schedule and stick to it. Oh boy. That's a huge one for me. I need to dig out those indoor walking DVDs, or crank up the iPod and climb on the treadmill.
    12. And lastly lose as much weight as possible. Get #10 and #11 priorities, and #12 will happen!! Good luck to you!!! I hope 2012 is your best year ever!!!

  2. CathyB I completely agree with everything u have to say. As far as finding Mr Right maybe I should have worded that resolution differently. Maybe I should have said to put myself out there to find Mr Right. I hope u have a great year also.