Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Slip

Well I had my first slip today.  I got home from school and I was so tired I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to take the kids out to eat.  Of course we went to an all you can eat buffet restaurant which led to me having a binge.  Honestly I don't even feel like I ate that much compared to what I normally do but I started feeling that same anxiety after eating to much as I use to.  I came home and purged for the first time in about 11 days, oh well I just got to move forward.  I'm going to slip every once in awhile but I'm getting stronger and thats all that counts.


  1. There's just something about those darn buffets that make you want to eat too much!
    {{hugs}} just hop back on the wagon and keep on going!

  2. Okay. Now that this episode is over, you know better than to choose an all-you-can-eat place if you're too tired to cook. Ethnic food is always a good choice. If you get the American-style food, the kids will even eat it. It's time for them to learn how to eat well, anyway. Seeing an adult who won't dare try a Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc., restaurant makes me shake my head. I blame their parents for not teaching them.

    A cheaper alternative, although not as tasty, is a stash of frozen pizzas, dinners, etc., at home. With microwave dinners, there aren't even any dishes to wash. With pizzas, if you don't bake them directly on the rack or a stone, all you have is a pan to wipe if you put foil on it first. No fuss.

    Always remember that if you don't control one thing, that doesn't mean you don't control everything else. A binge does NOT have to end in a purge. I'm sorry you purged yesterday. You must feel terrible. Guilt is not the way to feel, however. Empowered with resolve, experience, and strength is the way to feel.

    Do your children cook, especially the 14-year-old? He should know how by now. What are kids for, anyway? lol Whenever you cook, make him help out. I do mean MAKE HIM. It's a duty he has to learn asap, anyway, and he can rescue you when you're tired. My sister and I cooked meals for our family of two kids, two parents, and two grandparents, every weekend, all weekend, so the adults could have two days off. We did the laundry and ironing; dusting and scrubbing, etc. This started when we were each six, with increasing responsibility until we were in full charge by age 12. I think that's too much to ask of kids, frankly. We never got to play with friends, for instance. But cooking a meal or two? Shit, that's nothing. Think about it.

    I hope you're back on the wagon and on target. As I've said, you're a strong woman; you're a physically beautiful woman; obviously a super-smart woman, and so much more. We need you in this world. Your sons need you more than anyone will ever need you. You can do it!

  3. You can do this. What's done is done. Looking forward has got to be better than looking backward. Good luck!

  4. Hey Christina, sorry to hear about the loss of control. I hope you're doing better. You can overcome this. Stay strong, I believe in you.

  5. Thanks everybody, I've decided to start planning out my meals for the week and making sure some are quick and easy so as to take the stress off after school.