Friday, August 12, 2011

When Night Falls

I don't know about all of you but when night falls around here thats when all the food demons come out.  I'm bored, I'm lonely and all I want to do is eat.  During the day I can stay busy cleaning and running errands but then by the evening I'm out of things to do.  There is always watching tv or reading or some other hobby you might have but when the food demons come out you forget all those things.  I'm looking at the clock right now and thinking about how much longer I have to make it until bedtime and boy does it seem like a long time.  And just as I was typing that sentence my son is shoving ice cream in my face begging me to finish eating said no though. 

Why is it that we have programmed our brains to believe food is a source of entertainment, a best friend, a hobby and a cure all for every emotion we have?  Food is here to sustain our lives, thats it.  Why is it when I'm bored I don't think of calling up a friend or God forbid exercising, no I run to the fridge to see what there is to munch on.  Well I'm off to slay my demons and hopefully make it until bedtime without eating anything else.  Good luck to all of you.


  1. I hope with all my heart that you slay the demons tonight. Know that I'll be thinking of you and trying to give you strength. Also, please know that you can do it. I think it's a good idea to get to the bottom of your ED, maybe with a therapist. It isn't something simple, is it, like you just want to eat. I wish "outsiders" could understand that.

    Anyway, fight the good fight. Please let us know tomorrow how it went.

  2. This is something I am REALLY struggling with right now. :( Its really depressing.

  3. Hoping all went well tonight for you. I know what you mean and I've conditioned myself for years to think that I must have a sweet treat in the evenings. Trying to break that habit now and so far so good. I would say 4 o 5 nights a week I am doing without an evening snack. Learning not to munch while watching television may take some time, but I am determined to do it.

    Hang in there.

  4. Thank you Food Freak, I am seeing a therapist and we have been working on my eating disorder for awhile now but you are right its not that simple.

    Hi Jess, sorry you are going through the same struggles, I'm here for you anytime you need to talk.

    Thank you Tammy. The night went pretty well. I did end up having a small piece of cake but it could have been worse. You hang in there to.