Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eating Clean Day 1

I ate my first clean eating meal this morning and though it wasn't the worst thing it wasn't the best either but I think I could use to it with alittle adjustments.  I had to modify what I had planned to eat because I talked to some other ladies that are doing clean eating and I had a few things down wrong. 

Here is my breakfast which consisted of Steelcut oats with flax seed and honey, 3 hardboiled egg whites and a 1/2 cup skim milk which I forgot to put in the picture.

For my early morning snack I had 6 almonds, 1 banana and 3 hardboiled egg whites.

Lunch consisted of a salad made from spring mix topped roasted chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, onion and lowfat feta cheese.

My midafternoon snack was 1 slice of double fiber whole wheat bread, toasted and topped with almond butter and 1 cup greek yogurt but I forgot to take a pic.

For dinner I had 1 tilapia filet baked in the oven, 1 cup steamed broccoli and 1 cup roasted yellow squash.

I have to say it felt like I ate alot of food today but it was all healthy and filling.  I can't wait to see the results that a week of eating like this brings me.

No exercise today though, may try to do some pushups and crunches later.


  1. Great Job. In the am I used protein powder in my oatmeal instead of eating eggs. The protein I use has some stevia in it so it adds a touch of sweetness.

  2. You have an award over at my blog so stop by and pick it up.
    By the way...I can tell just by looking at your oats that they need to cook a bit longer. When I make mine. I will add just over 2 cups of water and 1/2Cup oats. This makes me 1/4 cup serving.Then just start to heat the water. Then I add then the oats. When they start to boil I turn them on medium and let them cook for about 20minutes. There will still be some liquiid in the pan. You can then add some honey. Adding a Tbs of peanut butter and half a bannana and some cinamon is really good..I always make that on the weekends for me and my husband..Also when you start the water add a tad of salt..Hope that helps a bit

  3. Good for you Christina!

    Wow, that really looks like a great food day. It does look like plenty of food too. I'm betting you are going to have some good results after a week of this and you might have more energy too. I need to get my act together. I am reading the "Eat Clean Diet Recharged" by Tosca Reano but haven't got too far yet.

    I've never tried any nut butters other than peanut butter. I didn't know they existed until I read about them on some blogs. How do you like it? I'll have to look for some and give it a try.

  4. The rasted squash looks great, how did you do that? In the oven? I think I'll try that this weekend. Good job, I wish I could eat oatmeal, I never could, but it's so good for you.

  5. Amy I'm going to buy some protein powder today, never tried it before.

    Rene I'm going to have to try cooking my oatmeal alittle longer and I like the banana and peanut butter idea, I'm definitely going to try that.

    Tammy almond butter is good. Its tastes just like you would imagine, ground up almonds but it does take alittle getting use to. I had it on toast yesterday and it was so yummy.

    SJB I actually cooked that squash on a griddle with alittle PAM spray. I usually do roast it in the oven though with some olive oil and its so good.

  6. If you do try it.. what I do is this..I seperate it into two bowls 1/4 cup serving. a place one TBS dolope of peanut butter in the middle. Then I place the cut up banana around the outside and let it sit for 5 minutes. This gives it a minutes for the PB to melt. Then I might sprinkle on a bit of cinamon. Then mix and eat! It is really good I hope you try it! If not sweet enough you can add some honey.

  7. Thanks so much Reneasskinnylove.