Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grocery Shopping and My Dinner

I finally got to make it to the grocery store after being snowed in for 2 days and here are some pictures of what I got.

I didn't get everything I needed today because forgetful me went off without my shopping list so I still have these items left to buy:

Ground turkey
Maple syrup
Whole wheat flour
Red Peppers
Unsweetened applesauce
Garlic powder
Balsamic vinegar
Sugar substitute
Brussel Sprouts

I know some of the items in the pictures aren't on the Clean Eating Plan but for now I'm trying to gradually work this new plan into my lifestyle.

Here is a picture of the dinner I just ate...yummy.
I started with Spring Mix salad mix and topped it with cucumber, onion, tomato, roasted chicken breast, almonds, craisins, lowfat feta cheese, croutons and lite ranch dressing.  This isn't a Clean Eating meal because of the croutons and salad dressing but it was definitely yummy and low calorie.  I think next time I may top it with hardboiled egg to and leave off the croutons and salad dressing so that I can eat it on plan.


  1. It all looks really good to me!!

  2. That salad looks soooo yummy! I just love feta cheese!!!

  3. I have to say, everything you've got there looks fantastic and super healthy. You didn't even squeeze in a candy bar on your way out! Way to go ;)

  4. Luuuurve wholly guacamole. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That is a super grocery pull, I would never have been so good unless I ate a four course meal before going!

    Polar's Mom

  5. Wow, I am impressed. If I could shop like that I wouldn't have any excuses but to eat healthy. Great job. The salad looks delicious too.

  6. Thanks everyone I can't say I ate to well today before I made it to the grocery store but tomorrow is a new day and now I have no excuses with all the wonderful, healthy food in my house not to eat good tomorrow.