Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling Blah

Do you ever have those days where you just feel blah?  Thats what I'm going through today but its my own fault. 

Yesterday I decided to get up early and drive to the mountains to take pictures.  Halfway to the mountains I realized I have forgotten to take my depression medicine.  I know better than this because this is what happens when I miss taking my medicine on time.  By the time I got home yesterday I had a giant headache and I felt all floaty headed.  I took my pill as soon as I got home but it will take a few days to feel better.  I couldn't sleep last night so I ended up staying up all night and then I slept most of today.  I did manage to drag myself out of bed and run some errands but I hate feeling like this. 

Its scary to be so dependent on a pill to want to live your life.  I will never consider going off of this medicine though and I hope nothing ever happens that I have to because honestly its the only thing that keeps me going.  I truly believe this medicine is the only reason I have been able to go back to school, to lose weight and to just manage normal daily tasks.  It helps me think rationally, stay focused and keeps me motivated. 

I told my husband earlier that I needed to figure out someway to make sure I take my pill the same time every morning.  I usually remember but when i don't I pay the price.  Does anyone have any suggestions to help me remember?

I have also started taking a multivitamin and need to make sure I take this everyday to.  I am having issues with this though because I have difficulty swallowing big pills so I have been splitting my multivitamin up and taking it like that, does anyone know if this is ok to do?  I looked on the bottle and it doesn't say you can't take it this way.

I am forcing myself to exercise later today because I know this will make me feel better.  I wish I could just stay in bed though.


  1. To remind yourself to take the pill everyday, I recommend setting an alarm on your phone. That's what I do with my birth control medicine. It helps out a lot!

    As for the multivitamin...I use Flintstone's chewables like a kid and they are wonderful! Solves the issue of size. :)

  2. I understand exactly how you feel, I am also on a anti-depressant that I MUST take everyday. Hang in there, you'll feel better tomorrow :) and I have really noticed how exercise does help and you end up doing more than you thought you would. feel better :)

  3. Becky thats exactly what I'm going to do is program it into my phone, thanks so much for the idea. I just bought this bottle of vitamins but once I get through with them I'm going to buy some either I can chew up or that are smaller.

    Jury you are absolutely right, when I went walking and then did my strength training I just wanted to keep doing more and more. I do feel better now.

  4. Yeah, definitely. Program it into your phone! That's what I did when I was antibiotics and it works like a charm. You won't ignore your phone, while you might ignore, lie, a post-it or a little note.


  5. I take medicine for my thyroid every day. I have it by my bed and take it as soon as I wake up (I bring a cup of water to bed every night). I do not step out of bed until I take it.

    I take my vitamins at night after dinner. I usually remember and then have a full tummy so they don't upset my stomach. I seriously doubt it is a problem to cut your vitamin in half.

  6. Thanks for all the tips. I programmed my alarm to go off every morning to remind me and it worked perfectly this morning. Hopefully there will be no more forgetting.