Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Challenge Day 8

I decided to take a trip to the mountains all by myself today to see what I could take pictures of.  I don't know how I managed to miss the turning of the leaves but I did because most of the trees were bare which was really disappointing.  I did find a few interesting things to take pictures of though.  Here are my pictures of the day.  You can click on any picture to make it larger.


  1. Christina,

    I've been here a thousand times. How cool is that??


  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Christina! :)

  3. Those are beautiful pictures! This project is awesome, I can't wait to start on December 31st! It's so weird to start on the 31st and not the 1st of January, but I don't know...I'm weird haha.


  4. That is cool Sharon, I see you are from Tennesse, I have been there once a few years back and it was very pretty there.

    Thank you Stephanie.

    I don't think thats weird Raych, its actually kind of cool because then you finish before the first day of the next year gets here.

  5. Beautiful! I'm imagining it must have been quite peaceful going up there all by yourself.

  6. Wow.. these are awesome, you have such pretty views. Love the pics – thanks for sharing! :0)

  7. It was peaceful Charlotte, I enjoy spending time by myself sometimes.

    Thanks Jury, its nice living close to the mountains but I would rather live closer to the beach.