Friday, November 12, 2010

My self worth isn't based on my weight.

Earlier I was thinking about how I wasn't ready to move forward with my life. How I wouldn't be until I could lose all my weight and finally learn to love myself.  Then it hit me, I do love myself.  I may not like what I weigh right now and I may not like what I see when I look in the mirror but its who I am for the moment. 

How much I weigh doesn't determine what kind of mother, sister, daughter or friend I am so why should it matter so much.  I know that overweight people are discriminated against and I know we are seen as fat and lazy but why should I care what people think about me.  A year from now they won't even know I'm the same person.  My self worth shouldn't be based on how much I weigh. 

I do love myself and I show myself love each and everyday.  I show myself love by being the best mother, sister, daugther and friend I can be.  I show myself love by going back to school to make a better life for myself and my kids.  I show myself love by eating right and exercising.  People may judge me for what they see on the outside right now and thats fine because you don't determine who I am, I do that.

I found this quote and I think it describes me perfectly.  "Our motive is not to prove our self-worth, but to live up to our possibilities".  I'm living up to my possibilities each and everyday, are you?


  1. I love, LOVE reading posts like these. You are 'getting' what I never got until years after my weight came off (I still have issues at times). So glad to see that you recognize yourself as the wonderful person you so obviously are.

  2. YES! I have just had this realization too! I thought I needed to lose my weight first, but I don't. I just need to be proud of the person, wife, mother, friend that I already am! :) Thanks for putting into words what I have just recently realized as well. :)


  3. This is a truly inspiring post - thank you for sharing it. I've tend to struggle a lot in the past with knowing intellectually that my self-worth isn't about the number I see on the scale or the size on my jeans label... but somewhere deep down in the bottomless chasms of my subconsious, I still link the two together.

    I'm a lot better than I used to be, but sometimes it's easy to forget - which is when it's wonderful to read posts like this as a reminder :-)

  4. Being a member of this weight loss blogging community has definitely opened my eyes to alot of things I didn't see before. I don't have to be a size 2 to love myself I just have to be the best person I can be and right now thats what I'm doing. If someone else judges me for my weight then they aren't someone I need in my life anyway. I'm glad you liked this post and I know how it feels to not like who you see but when we do that to ourselves we are only making our weight loss even harder. It's so easy for us to show everyone else love but so hard for us to show ourselves that same love. How are you going to show yourself the love of eating right and exercising when you hate yourself? Just accept who you are right now and know that everyday you are making better choices, love yourself and treat yourself right and the weight will start coming off.