Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 2 cups frosted flakes
                 1 cup skim milk
                 water (8 oz)

Snack- 1 granola bar
            2 cups watermelon
            1 individual package of mini cookies
            water (20 oz)

Dinner- 1 shake bake lean pork chop
            1 boiled egg
            1/2 cup baked beans
            1/2 cup corn
            1 cup green beans
            1 cup broccoli
            1/4 cup macaroni and cheese
            water (20 oz)

I ate alot for dinner but I did skip lunch even though I snacked.  As you can see for dinner I tried to eat alot of vegetables and reduce how many carbs I ate. 

Even though today was suppose to be my day off of exercising I did go with my husband to a local trail and we walked about 30 minutes.


  1. Yay for the veggies. Try not to skip meals if you can help it. Many small meals keep you from getting hungry and raise your metabolism so you burn more calories and lose more weight in the end.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I appreciate any advice you can give me.