Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weigh in- Week 1

Today has been a week since I started this blog and began my weight loss journey.  I am very proud to say that I have dropped 6 lbs this first week.  My weight this morning was 241 lbs so that means I have 36 lbs to get back to where I was before I put on this extra weight and 81 lbs to get to my goal.  This blog is really helping it gives me a place to put down my thoughts and feelings and it keeps me accountable knowing I have to list what I eat and what exercise I have done.  I'm just trying to take this a day at a time because if I think about the long term its just to overwhelming.


  1. GOOD job! Losing 6 lbs in a week is terrific!

  2. Yea it was a great feeling to see my weight go down on the scale. I know realistically it was probably just water weight but I will take whatever I can get.