Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weigh In- Week 3

Well I weighed this morning and the scaled showed no change which is disappointing but I'm using it as motivation to work even harder next week.  I guess my body is in shock from eating healthy and exercising and right now its just holding on to every bit of weight it can but I will win in the end.  I am going to go today and buy me a different scale though because I have one of the old scales that just tells weight loss by the pounds I want one that tells by the tenths.  I might have lost something this morning even if its only a half a pound but my scale doesn't show that.  I guess one more week out of my life not losing anything isn't going to kill me I have to think about the long term weight loss.  Maybe next week I will see the scales move, maybe even alot to make up for this week.  Just seven more days until weigh in again, so seven more days I have to work my butt off.  Plus next Tuesday I'm taking a new picture to put on here to see if I can notice any difference in how I look so I really do need to work hard.  I can tell I have lost inches at least around my upper stomach area or maybe its just from not feeling bloated all the time.  I have to go to the doctor in alittle while and get my blood drawn so I'm fasting right now and I'm going to go get me a scale before I come back and eat so if I've lost anything on the new scale I will post an update.  Hope you all have a great eating and exercise day.

Update:  I just posted an exercise tracker on my blog just so I could see it listed all together when I exercised and how much and I've noticed a pattern until this last Sunday.  I would exercise three days and then take one day off.  That's kind of weird because I did not intentionally plan it like that it just worked out that way.  Maybe my body was trying to tell me something.  I think to try to increase my weight loss I'm going to up my walks to 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes.  I have to do something to boost my metabolism.  If anyone else has any ideas I would appreciate them.  Thanks so much.

Update:  I just went and bought me a digital scale and to my surprise I lost exactly 1 lb this week.  Yay for me thats what I had set my goal for.  I still have to work harder this week though because my goal is 2 lbs.  I'm just happy I lost something.


  1. A lb. is a loss, so take it and keep it up!

  2. Yaaaay! That's awesome! Congrats! :)

  3. Thanks so much I will definitely take a pound over losing nothing at all.

  4. Congrats on the loss! :)

    "...but I will win in the end."
    This is awesome. And yes, yes you will!

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