Monday, August 30, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 2 cups frosted flakes
                 1 banana
                 1 cup skim milk

Lunch- 2 slices turkey, 1 slice cheese and mustard on
            2 slices whole wheat bread
            1 cucumber
            1 cup grapes
            water (16.9 oz)

Snack- 1 granola bar
            water (16.9 oz)

Dinner- 6 oz baked chicken breast
            1/2 cup rice
            1/4 cup dressing
            1/2 cup green beans
            1/2 cup corn
            water (16.9 oz)

I feel like I ate really good today but I'm worried about tomorrow.  I have to weigh in the morning and when I weighed this morning I was exactly the same thing as I was last week.  I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong.  I feel like I'm eating right and I'm exercising 5-6 days a week for 30 minutes.  Why is my body fighting so hard against this weight loss.  I guess I will have to wait and see what the morning brings.

I am definitely going to exercise today maybe even longer than usual, I think I will go for 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

Update:  I ended up walking for 45 minutes around my neighborhood plus I played frisbee with the kids for about 20 minutes.


  1. It is strange how our bodies will hold on to weight even when we are working so hard to get it off. Just remember that even if you do not lose tomorrow, you are still smaller and healthier than you were when you started. At some point you WILL see a loss on the scale. Maybe you should measure inches lost? I did that in the beginning of my journey, and on weeks I hadn't lost any weight, I could see that I had lost inches. No matter what, do not get discouraged. Maybe you do need to cut back on some calories or exercise more just to shock your body a little? Who knows--this journey is tricky business. ;-)

  2. My body absolutely holds onto weight unless I combine low calories with looong or multiple workouts per day. Frustrating, but it has worked for me. Everyone's body has a 'trick', I suppose.

  3. I'm going to see what happens tomorrow and then I will decide what to do first, I will probably try working out more and cutting back on my food intake alittle. I know that sometimes you don't lose weight because you aren't eating enough but I'm scared to death to add anymore calories at this point, maybe later if nothing else works.

  4. Scales don't make sense most of the time. You'll linger at one weight for ages and then poof you'll drop several pounds at once. Whatever number you see tomorrow don't get discouraged, it will go down eventually.

    As for the food... As someone who doesn't eat sugar and somewhat restricts my carbs I am biased, so I don't know if my opinion is really valid for you. I see a lot of sugar and carbs in general on your menus. That leaves some space for improvement. Instead of eating less or more calories why not try eating different foods. Less frosted flakes, more oats. Less bananas/grapes more berries/green apples/pears/other fruit that isn't so sweet. Less corn, more cabbage... Stuff like that. I'm not saying that you need to give up any of the foods I listed, just replace them from time to time with less sugary, less starchy foods.

    Good luck on the weigh in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) (ps, I sent you an email earlier today :))

  5. Yea I do need to give up the cereal I am planning on switching to oatmeal most mornings. As far as the fruits I like red apples I don't know if there is a difference between red and green as far as sugar content but I do not like pears at all. I know the fruits I eat have alot of sugar but I guess that's why I like them because they replace my dessert. I could eat watermelon for every meal I love it so much. About the only way I eat cabbage is in know I eat to many carbs I have tried to improve alot on that by first piling my plate full of vegetables and then getting a spoonful of this and a spoonful of that where carbs are concerned which is the opposite of what I use to do. I have made alot of improvements and I do plan on making alot more. Thank you for all the wonderful tips I do appreciate them all and they do make completely sense to me. I'm a work in progress I guess you could say. I got your email and sent you one back. Have a great today tomorrow.