Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saying NO

Saying NO has to be one of the hardest things you have to do when losing weight.  My kids and my mom wanted to go out to eat today after we went shopping for school supplies well my son suggested going to an all you can eat buffet restaurant, I had to immediately say NO because I knew I would lose all control if I went.  Well we decided to go to Bob Evans instead, I figured I could find something healthy to eat there.  I ended up getting a turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch on a whole wheat wrap and a baked potato which wasn't the healthiest thing but it was alot better than inhaling 5 lbs of food at the all you can eat restaurant.  Well my kids just had to have dessert so I sat there and suffered through watching them eat ice cream sundaes and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream but it felt really good to have enough self control not to eat any.  So many times we are faced with saying NO and sometimes we fail but today was a success for me.  Another example was Sunday when my mom, dad and my kids went to a family reunion and of course when they brought my kids home my mom had the cake she had fixed and she said here you can have it and I said NO I don't want that here but the kids wanted it so here it stayed.  I will say I did take one bite but it was so sweet that was all I could eat.  Well the next day my mom sends home a small bowl of banana pudding with my kids and I will admit I took a couple of bites of that because I love banana pudding.  Sometimes you can't avoid temptation and you just have to face it straight on.  I hope I can continue to have this much self control and having this blog has really helped me alot.  I'm learning to stand up for what I want and not worry about hurting someone elses feelings because this is my journey and I have to do whats best for me.


  1. I went with my family to a buffet on Tuesday and regret it. I ate less than I normally would have, and yet it was a buffet--unhealthy choices and abnormal portions. Yuck. Good job on skipping it. It is hard to live a normal life and lose weight. Especially when our family members are NOT dieting. Good job!

  2. Thank you it was hard to say no but I knew I did not have the willpower needed to not overeat. At least you didn't eat as much as you could have, everyday is a chance to improve on the day before.

  3. I like Bob Evan's for their healthy choices [I have to avoid sodium - not calories for my health choices] and a baked potato is great, calorie wise, as long as you don't load it down with toppings [yes, we all know this, right? :)] - a little goes a long way. And have you tried their fish? Baked or broiled? The salmon is awesome! I have a hard time eating out because everything is so full of sodium and while checking restaurant websites for the sodium content I invariably check the calories [I need them] - and Bob's is great! So many choices - oh - and their chicken is good too - and they steam veggies.

    Sorry - I am rambling - I am obsessed about food - I think as we all are - but I have found since I can only have 1000 mg of salt a day I crave all the good tasting stuff that I can't have - if I eat it I will retain water in my lungs and not be able to breath - but I still need the calories. It is a no win sometimes.

    You should be incredibly proud of yourself for skipping the buffet [the death knell of anyone who is trying to watch what they eat] and going for something healthier. THAT is awesome.

    I like your blog. Hang tough - you can do this. :)

  4. PS - sorry what I meant is Bob's is great for low sodium and LOW calories. All their high caloric stuff is too high in sodium for me. CHF sucks :)

  5. I like Bob Evans to, I have never tried the salmon but I do love salmon. Whereever I go to eat I do try to get the healthiest thing on the menu. I try to avoid alot of salt to because it makes you retain water. Sorry you have to keep such a close eye on your sugar intake that sounds like a very serious issue. Good luck with your weight loss. And thanks for your advice.

  6. Sorry Wallene I meant salt intake....its been along day.

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