Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fasting Again

My weight is up this week mainly because its my time of the month, but because I don't want a gain tomorrow, which is my weigh in day I'm fasting today.  Last weeks fast went so well that I decided to repeat it again this week.  I will be posting throughout the day and letting you know how its going but so far I'm not even hungry.  I also plan on doing another 3 mile walk later today so that should help to get some of this weight off to.  I'm hoping to at least maintain this week and not have another gain.  Next week I start back to school and the kids go back to school so I can get back to normal with my exercise.  I also plan on hitting the YMCA at least 3 times a week after I start back to school.  My weight this morning was 214 lbs which is 2.2 lbs more than I weighed last Friday so I'm just crossing my fingers that I can drop that much by in the morning.

6:50PM- I've been so busy today I forgot all about updating my blog to let you know how the fast was going.  I haven't eaten anything all day long and I'm not even hungry.  Whats so weird is that I find it easier not to eat at all then to eat healthy.  I haven't even wanted to eat today.  I've dropped about 2 lbs since this morning so I'm hoping to at least maintain this week.


  1. Is that OK? You are starving your body and therefore slowing your metabolism. We all gain, I have, and usually all I do is eat right (lots of veggies) and drink alot of herbal gets rid of the excess water build up and flushes out the sodium in your body. Good if it works for you but when I starve my body...I eat more...

  2. I don't fast that often and for my own sanity and to keep on track with my weight loss this is something I needed to do to not have a gain tomorrow. I'm trying to just hold on long enough until my kids go back to school and school starts back up for me which will get my eating and exercise back on track.