Sunday, December 12, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
                 1/4 cup mixed nuts
                 1 cup skim milk

Lunch- vegetable fried rice
            diet coke (20 oz)

Dinner- vegetable fried rice
            diet coke (20 oz)

Not a very good eating day but oh well at least I didn't overeat.

I didn't exercise, I guess I was just lazy.


  1. Wow your plan for today doesn't seem like much. Aren't you hungry? But I see it has been working for you. I am also on a program...nutrisystem...where I eat 6 mini meals a day...I found my problem was not so much what I ate but how much....and while I have been losing slow (down 27 lbs) at least I am losing..I never did this with any other program and believe me I have been on them all...The best part I see with you is all the walking you do...that is my problem - I don't walk enough...of course I am much older than you and have vein problems...but I just cant seem to get motivated. Maybe I should log it like you? I will be following you though because I like to see how others lose - and maybe I can learn a thing or two...good luck in your journey....keep up the good work.

  2. I hope you're drinking a lot of water along with that. The scale seems to be coooperating so keep it up!!

  3. How do you fix vegetable fried rice? That sounds good. :)

  4. Thanks everybody. I wouldn't suggest following what I'm doing right now even though it is working because I'm not eating the way I should. I've just had a rough last month and with being alittle depressed I'm just not as hungry. This was my first weekend completely alone so that makes it even more depressing which normally would be a trigger for me to eat everything in sight, but I just keep telling myself that I'm not really hungry. Stephanie I didn't fix the veggie fried rice I got it from a local chinese restaurant. I got the large and broke it up into 3 small meals so maybe it wasn't to bad for me.