Sunday, December 26, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

I'm not even going to try to record my food for today because it was pretty much snacking all day.  We had our Christmas Dinner at my moms so I'm sure I ate alittle to much but I don't think I did to bad.  I weighed after along day of eating and I'm up 7 lbs but I'm sure thats only because Aunt Flo is visiting and I ate so much so I've already planned out my eating for tomorrow.  I think that will help me eat a more balanced diet and I'm also going to drink as much water as possible.  I'm thinking of doing another fast Tuesday just because my last fast went so well. 


  1. I did the same think last night a whole bunch of snacking.. I am going to drink a lot of water myself tomorrow. Happy Holidays.

  2. Thats all we can do Debbie and keep on going. Happy Holidays to u to.