Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating plan

I've been eating the same way for about 5 weeks now with not much weight loss so I have decided to make a few changes.

First off my breakfast, I've been eating 2 cups of cereal for breakfast and I've even tried cutting the sweetier cereal with another kind thats not so sweet to reduce the sugar content but now I've decided to just eat 1 cup instead of 2 cups because I still believe I am eating to many carbs.  I may add a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt to my breakfast to keep me full. 

Secondly concerns my snacks, I've been eating alot of sweet fruits and cereal bars and I've already chosen to give up my favorite fruit, watermelon because I just believe I was eating to much of it and if its in the house I'm going to eat it.  I think I'm going to reduce my fruit intake to 1 1/2 cups which is what the food pyramid recommends.  This amounts to about 1 banana, 1 small apple and 1 large peach.  If you want to determine what is the appropriate amount for you then click on this link

Next I've been eating a sandwich for lunch most of the time and I've already switch from mayo to mustard and from white bread to whole wheat bread.  I think the only improvement I can make would be adding veggies to my sandwiches such as lettuce and tomato.  The food pyramid recommends that I get 2 1/2 cups a day of vegetables which I can definitely get between lunch and dinner.  If you want to determine what is the appropriate amount for you then click on this link

The food pyramid recommends that I get 3 cups of dairy which I don't really get in on an average day so I will have to work on this.  I need to start replacing some of my snacks like granola bars and cereal bars with a cup of yogurt which would count toward my dairy.  If you want to determine what is the appropriate amount for you then click on this link

Now for my dinners; I have improved alot on my dinners from reducing my carb intake to increasing the amount of vegetables I try to get in.  I do need to start watching my serving sizes though because you can still over eat on something good for you.  I think I need to start using a measuring cup to determine the right portion size at least until I can eyeball it. 

As for what I drink, I only drink water and maybe once a week a diet soda but I do need to increase my water intake.  I have been trying to do this for awhile with not much success.  I think I need to make a daily chart where I can mark off my water as I drink it.  This may sound extreme to you but you have to understand that I plan out everything I'm going to do everyday of my life so this isn't really out of the usual for me.  My recommended daily intake of water for my weight is 120 oz.  If you want to determine what the appropriate amount of water to drink daily for you is click on this link

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and stock up on some foods that I want to try and I need in the house.  I have a list on my blog of low fat, low calorie, high fiber foods which you can find by clicking on this link  .  This is my grocery list for tomorrow:  water packed tuna, canned peaches and pineapples, pinto beans (I may throw them in the crockpot), bran cereal, raisins, mixed nuts, jello, applesauce, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cucumbers, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, cantaloupe, low fat yogurt, broccoli, ground turkey and sunflower seeds.  By having lots of stuff to chose from I'm hoping to stick to my healthy eating plan.

If you have any suggestions to improve my eating or weight loss effort please feel free to comment.  I hope some of these links can help you determine the proper amounts of food to be eating daily.  Good luck with your eating plans.


  1. You look like you're doing a great job. I don't have any suggestions.

  2. My suggestion would be to if possible skip the canned fruit and go for frozen if you can't get fresh. They usually can fruit in sugar syrup and it ruins it. Frozen fruit is as good as fresh, sometimes even better because it's picked and packaged when it's ripe and packed with all the lovely vitamins and minerals.

  3. I think your grocery list looks great! I, too, find it much easier to stick to my diet plan when I only have healthy food in the house. That way, if I do binge, at least I know it was on healthy foods (fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, etc) and not fried, greasy stuff.

    My tip on how to get in enough water: When I am home for the day, I have a 64oz mug/cup that I fill up with ice water in the morning. I sip on it all day and make sure I fill it up again at least once to have 128oz. I can only get all of my water in if I have it nearby and can drink it through a straw. :) I find this way of only having to track two things (the two times the big cup is filled) instead of 16 separate cups of water is much easier.

    Hopefully you can find an easy way to get all the needed water in. It also helps curb your appetite, which is good when you get the munchies!

  4. Hi Floriana I will have to check out what frozen fruits they have but I was going to get the canned fruit that is packed in juice instead of syrup. I'll just have to check out my alternatives at the store.
    Annie I have a big cup like that I'll have to see how many ounces it is, thats a good idea. I like the idea of only having to drink 2 instead well in my case like 8 bottles of water. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I think you're plan looks awesome! You can't go wrong following the food pyramid. I'm proud of you for making these changes and can't wait to see your progress. :)

  6. I think you are definitely on the right track! It looks like you are doing all the right things. Sometimes your body just needs to catch up and realize it's ok to let the fat go! :)

  7. Thanks Stephanie I can't wait to see my progress either and I signed up for your contest today I'll be posting my picture Friday.
    Hi Brigitte I'm just trying to improve things as I go along. I'll try anything to lose weight or at least anything that I can keep doing the rest of my life.