Friday, September 17, 2010

Festival Food

I have a new challenge tomorrow, our town is having their annual Apple Festival.  I'm hoping my willpower holds up because there is so much food at this festival.  Everything from barbeque to turkey legs, burgers to hotdogs and then there are the sweets; chocolate covered bananas, funnel cakes, candied apples and cotton candy.  I wasn't planning on going but my husband has to work in the morning and my youngest sons are with their father this weekend so I'm taking my oldest son with me.  Hopefully I will be so busy taking pictures that I completely forget about the food.  I've tried to think of healthy alternatives I can have at the festival but there really are none.  At least alot of booths give out free bottles of water so I should get plenty of that.  I also plan on buying a big bag of apples but other than that there is nothing healthy there.  Its kind of like going to the fair, the same kind of food.  What do you recommend me do?  Just have willpower and eat before I go?  Take a snack with me to get me through until I get home?  Just give in and let myself have one thing?....which I don't really want to do because it will just make me feel bad. 


  1. Eat a nice big meal before you go. Avoid sugar and highly processed carbs in that meal because they will just make you hungry. Eat something with lots of fiber like non starchy vegetables and some protein and fat. Eggs and veggie omelet would be good, for example. That will keep you feeling full. Take a bag of nuts with you just in case you need a healthy snack. If you must eat something at the festival, go for the barbecue. They should have grilled chicken or something similar that you can eat. If you must eat something sweet, wait till the last moment and get something on your way out of the Festival. That way you won't be able to get more as you'll already be on your way home.

    Have a great time at the festival. I am looking forward to seeing the pics :)

  2. I will eat a good meal before I go then I really like your idea of taking a bag of nuts with me. That would kind of make me feel like I'm eating a food from a festival because sometimes they sell nuts. I really don't want anything sweet because I know it would make me feel bloated and sick to my stomach but if my son gets something I may take one bite.

  3. I wouldn't take that bite. It's always easier when you don't have that one bite of sweets at all. That one bite can wake up cravings and give you hard times. It's just not worth it.

    Enjoy yourself, take photos, have fun with your boy. You'll do all right, don't worry. :)

  4. Oh dear ... festival food is the worst temptation! I'm sure you'll do great though. Let us know! :)