Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fast Food

I decided since I get so busy sometimes and it helps to just grab something on the go that I would make a list of my favorite places to eat and what I can have at each place. 

Burger King

BK veggie burger (no mayo, no cheese)   340 cal   8g fat   47g carbs   9g sugar
23g protein   1030mg sodium

Tendergrill chicken sandwich (no mayo, no cheese)   360 cal   7g fat   41g carbs   8g sugar   55g protein   1010mg sodium

Tendergrill Garden Salad (1 pack fat free ranch dressing)   350 cal   10g fat
33g carbs   9g sugar   36g protein   1790mg sodium


Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich   370 cal   7g fat   2g fiber   42g carbs   9g sugar   34g protein   1150mg sodium

Grilled Chicken go wrap   260 cal   10g fat   1g fiber   25g carbs   3g sugar
20g protein   750mg sodium

Chili (small)   220 cal   7g fat   6g fiber   22g carbs   6g sugar   18g protein
870mg sodium

Garden Side Salad  w/ croutons and 1 pack light ranch dressing  205 cal
12g fat   2g fiber   21g carbs   5g sugar   5g protein   640mg sodium

Plain baked potato w/ 1 pack of sour cream and 1 pack of buttery spread
370 cal   8.5g fat   7g fiber   63g carbs   4g sugar   8g protein   145mg sodium


Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich   420 cal   10g fat   3g fiber
51g carbs   11g sugar   32g protein   1190mg sodium

Grilled Ranch Snack wrap   270 cal   10g fat   1g fiber   26g carbs   2g sugar
18g protein   830mg sodium

Grilled Honey Mustard Snack wrap   260 cal   9g fat   1g fiber   27g carbs
4g sugar   18g protein   800mg sodium

Snack size fruit and walnut salad   210 cal   8g fat   2g fiber   31g carbs   25g sugar   4g protein   60mg sodium

Fruit and yogurt parfait w/ granola   160 cal   2g fat   1g fiber   31g carbs
21g sugar   4g protein   85mg sodium

Taco Bell

Fresco Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco   170 cal   4g fat   2g fiber   22g carbs
3g sugar   12g protein   740mg sodium

Fresco Grilled Steak Taco   160 cal   4.5g fat   2g fiber   21 carbs
3g sugar   9g protein   600mg sodium

Fresco Crunchy Taco   150 cal   7g fat   3g fiber   13g carbs   1g sugar   7g protein  
350mg sodium

Fresco Soft Taco   180 cal   7g fat   3g fiber   22g carbs   2g sugar   8g protein  
640mg sodium

Mexican Rice   130 cal   3.5g fat   1g fiber   21g carbs   1g sugar   2g protein  
410mg sodium

Pintos n Cheese   170 cal   6g fat   9g fiber   19g carbs   1g sugar   10g protein  
750mg sodium


Grilled Chicken Breast   210 cal   8g fat   0g fiber   0g carbs   0g sugar
34g protein   460mg sodium

Grilled Chicken Drumstick   80 cal   4g fat   0g fiber   0g carbs   0g sugar
11g protein   230mg sodium

Grilled Chicken Thigh   160 cal   11g fat   0g fiber   0g carbs   0g sugar
16g protein   420mg sodium

Grilled Filet Sandwich w/o sauce   290 cal   4.5g fat   2g fiber   32g carbs
6g sugar   32g protein   720mg sodium

Green Beans(individual)   20 cal   0g fat   1g fiber   3g carbs   1g sugar  1g protein   290mg sodium

Mashed Potatoes(individual)   120 cal   4g fat   1g fiber   19g carbs   0g sugar
2g protein   530mg sodium

Little Caesars

Pepperoni Pizza(1 slice)  280 cal  11g fat  1g fiber   30 carbs  3g sugar  14g protein 
520mg sodium

As you can see everything I have listed is pretty high in carbs and sodium so I don't plan to eat out that often but it helps to know what I can have if I need to.  If you would like to know some of the healthiest things at other restaurants either you can go to their site and find out the nutritional info for yourself or just leave me a comment and let me know what restaurant and I will be happy to add it to the ones listed above.


  1. I may have to copy this! It's a nice handy guide. Thanks for compiling!

  2. I belive that I'm a lucky girls for hating fast food like these!
    I guess it would be harder for me to stay in my track if I loved them.
    So my advice for you is, if you like those kinds of food so much them you should allow yourself to have them once or twice a month. :)

  3. Have you ever watched "Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock? I just watched it and was SHOCKED by so much of the information. I am not one who has a problem with eating out as I am usually home and if need a snack I grab those handy fruits (apples, bananas), but occasionaly have to eat on the road when doing long trips. In the movie, his research concluded that 95% of deititians said you should NEVER eat fast food. shocking when it's easy to find such places and the companies say we should "know better".

  4. I try not to eat out to much because its to much temptation for me but when I do I try to pick the healthiest thing on the menu. That's what this list is about. I was still surprised though because I really thought I veggie burger would be healthy but if you look it has alot of sodium in it. I'm going to add more restaurants later but it took me awhile just to compose this list.
    Laine I have seen that show before. I definitely believe that most fast food is bad for us but for those few times that its easier to grab something when I'm out I at least pick the healthiest thing on the menu. Its all about making better choices no matter what circumstance you are in.

  5. Like Lisa, I am one of the lucky ones that never liked fast food.

    I guess it would be OK to eat such meals from time to time. To avoid eating them too often why not think of alternatives. For example, you can carry a bag of nuts in your purse and eat that instead. Nuts are very healthy and filling and they take little space so they are easy to carry around. Make your own sandwich at home and take it with you when you go out. Planning ahead really helps.

  6. Floriana you are right I do need to start thinking ahead more and planning for times when I need something on the go. You always have such great tips. Thank you!!

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  8. Elise I went to the site you suggested and the machine looks very interesting. I'm use to doing ab exercises laying on the ground which can be very hard on your back and neck. This does look alot easier but I'm guessing its not as easy as it looks. Thanks for the site.