Monday, September 6, 2010

Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Info

I spent today tracking what I ate so I could see where I was overeating and my main problem turned out to be to much sugar intake.  I decided to make a chart listing my favorite fruits and vegetables to refer back to when I'm trying to decide what to eat.  To my surprise there is alot of sugar in fruits so thats something I need to take into consideration when I'm planning out my menu for the day.

Banana(1)     105 cal   .4g fat   3.1g fiber   27g carbs   14.4g sugar    1.3g protein   1.3g sodium

Watermelon(1 cup)     46 cal   .2g fat   .6g fiber   11.6g carbs   9.5g sugar
.9g protein   2mg sodium

Cantaloupe(1 cup)     60 cal   .3g fat   1.6g fiber   14.4g carbs   13.9g sugar
1.5g protein   2mg sodium

Grapes(1 cup)     104 cal   0g fat   1g fiber   27g carbs   23g sugar   1g protein  
3mg sodium

Apple(1 medium)     95 cal   0g fat   4g fiber   25g carbs   19g sugar   0g protein   2mg sodium

Applesauce(1 cup)     102 cal   0g fat   3g fiber   27g carbs   23g sugar   0g protein   5mg sodium

Peaches(1 large)     68 cal   0g fat   3g fiber   17g carbs   15g sugar   2g protein  
0mg sodium

Pineapple(1 cup)     109 cal   0g fat   2g fiber   28g carbs   26g sugar   1g protein   2mg sodium

Raisins(1 miniature box)     42 cal   0g fat   1g fiber   11g carbs   8g sugar  
0g protein   2mg sodium

Green beans(1 cup)     44 cal   0g fat   4g fiber   10g carbs   2g sugar   2g protein   299mg sodium

Broccoli(1 cup)     54 cal   0g fat   6g fiber   12g carbs   2g sugar   4g protein  
64mg sodium

Brussel Sprouts(1 cup)     56 cal   0g fat   4g fiber   12g carbs   2g sugar
4g protein   32mg sodium

Cauliflower(1 cup)     28 cal   0g fat   2g fiber   6g carbs   2g sugar   2g protein   18mg sodium

Corn(1 cup)     177 cal   2g fat   5g fiber   41g carbs   5g sugar   5g protein  
415mg sodium

Potato(1 large)     284 cal   0g fat   8g fiber   68g carbs   3g sugar   7g protein  
22mg sodium

Sweet Potato(1 large)     162 cal   0g fat   6g fiber   37g carbs   12g sugar
4g protein   65mg sodium

Tomato(1 cup)     32 cal   0g fat   2g fiber   7g carbs   5g sugar   2g protein  
9mg sodium

Cucumber(1 medium)     24 cal   0g fat   1g fiber   4g carbs   3g sugar   1g protein   4mg sodium

I do have one question though.  Is eating fruit with high sugar content as bad as or the same thing as eating processed sugar or processed foods that contain sugar?


  1. I personally do not know. However, I used to try and cut out fruits because of carbs and now I just eat them. They are filling, sweet and help me when I am wanting something unhealthy. I have gone to only counting calories and yes I am losing weight slowly, but I am still losing. There are other ways to cut back and I for one am not willing to stop eating fruit because it has natural sugar in it. So, my opinion (and I am NO expert) is that if you want fruit, eat it. It's much better than candy or chips or soda. Like you mentioned somewhere, this way of eating has to be for life. I know I will eat things like fruit and the occasional treat, so I am going to have them now. Just less of them. I want to be on a plan that helps me lose weight safely (and keep it off) and is realistic. I could never survive on a low-carb/no-carb diet. Why do it for a short while? Anyway, you are doing great. If you want the weight to come off quicker, you can of course get more extreme with what you eat or how much you exercise. You are more likely to keep weight off if you do it safely and slowly, though! Hang in there. You are doing a great job.

  2. Thank you Wendy. I'm like you I eat fruit when I'm craving something sweet and I wasn't even thinking about how much sugar was in it because fruits are suppose to be healthy. I guess you can have to much of a good thing. I'm still in the process of seeing what is going to work right now, I've only been eating healthier and exercising for a month. I just want to lose this weight once and for all and keep it off.

  3. In answer to your last sentence. Absolutely not! Eating fruit is way better than eating processed foods. Fruit comes with fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants... They are good, but they are also sweet and it's easy to eat too much. As with most things it's about finding balance. Also there are other fruits that you didn't list like apricots, plums, pears, all sorts of berries. I know you mentioned that you like the sweet fruit, but maybe you can mix in some of the not so sweet fruits from time to time.

    Also, look at the total carbs count for corn and potato. They are not counted as vegetables in nutrition. They are starchy foods like pasta and bread. You can still eat them, of course, just don't count them among your vegetables.

  4. Hi Floriana, yea I only listed the fruits I like. I guess everything in moderation is my motto now.