Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 pack instant oatmeal
                 Diet Dr Pepper- (20 oz)

Lunch- Veggie Burger, no mayo or cheese (Burger King)
Snack- Peppermint patty
            water (16.9 oz)

Dinner- 2 slices pepperoni pizza
            water (16.9 oz)

Snack- 1 banana

It doesn't look like I ate much today seeing it typed out but I was pretty busy and just haven't had time to snack.  I just had pizza for dinner and I stopped with 2 slices even though I wanted the whole thing.  Pizza is my favorite food and I literally think I could win a pizza eating contest.  I'm just staying out of the kitchen and away from the leftover pizza until someone puts it away and out of sight. 

I'm not sure about exercising yet because I don't feel good right now.  I forgot to take my medicine this morning and it makes me feel lightheaded when I forget.  I'll see how I feel afterwhile.


  1. Hello! :)
    Since I don't live in America I feel that your eating habits are very strange for me :P
    But one thing I don't understant is, dr pepper is a drink with gas? Like coca-cola or something? So if it is, how can you drink that at breakfast?! I mean, it may not have much calories but is so not natural, I'm a great beliver that natural stuff are so much better for us. Why not drink milk? Water? Natural orage juice?

    If you wanna know how my breakfast looks like, I will post about it in my blog so check it out if you want.

    In other hand, if you like pizza so much then eat it, make it your special food day! But don't forget how greasy pizza is, so why not make it yourself? It's cheaper and healthier, I know that the pizzas we do at home don't taste like the ones we buy, but is better for you wich means you can eat it more often :P
    Be good!

  2. It was funny to read your questions. Yes dr pepper is like coca cola. Pretty much Americans drink it anytime of the day but I do try to avoid sodas. I didn't have any bottled water at home this morning and I don't drink the water that comes out of my tap because it tastes bad so when I got to school this morning I just grabbed me a drink out of the drink machine. I guess I could have bought me a water or orange juice but I don't drink soda that often so I got that instead but I did stick to Diet instead of regular. I will check out your blog in alittle while. As far as the pizza I only got pizza because it was quick and easy and I didn't want to cook tonight. I've tried giving myself a night off to eat what I want and it just doesn't work for me. I have to stay on program or I completely go off program. My homemade pizzas are definitely not healthier but I guess I could make them healthier. I just get pizza once in a while as a splurge.