Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
                 1 banana
                 1 cup skim milk

Snack- 1/4 cup trail mix
            1/4 of a funnel cake           
            water (16.9 oz)
Lunch- 5 oz rotisserie chicken breast
            1 roll
            water (16.9 oz)

Snack- 1 lowfat mozzarella stick

Dinner- Turkey Wrap w/ turkey, tomato, bean sprouts,
             ranch and guacamole on a whole wheat tortilla
             from Jasons Deli
             1 cup of cantaloupe and strawberries w/ fruit dip
             water (16.9 oz)

I ate pretty good today considering I went to a local festival with lots of yummy food. 

I'm getting ready to do my usual 2.1 miles right now.

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