Monday, September 6, 2010

Sick and frustrated

I woke up yesterday morning feeling alittle bad but last night I coughed my head off all night.  This morning I'm feeling even worse, with chest congestion, a cough and just overall feeling yucky.  I hate being sick because I have so much to do everyday and being sick doesn't help me accomplish anything.  I'm taking medicine right now to break up the congestion but it usually takes a few days for that to really start working.  And of course you would know it this is Labor Day vacation so everyone is home so I can't just lay in the bed and rest.  I guess I will just have to push through it because I have a house to clean, cooking to do and exercise later plus I have to get everything ready for tomorrow.  Have I said it already..... I HATE BEING SICK!!!!!

On top of being sick tomorrow is my weigh in day and my scale is showing no loss right now.  I just don't get it; I am eating better than I have ever in my life and actually exercising and I'm not really losing that much.  It's just so frustrating to be trying so hard and seeing no results.  I'm going to try not to eat alot today and I'm going to make myself exercise later and maybe I will have some loss when I get up in the morning.  My goal was to lose 2 lbs this week so I would have a total loss of 10 lbs but I don't see that happening.  It really sucks when your overweight and you get your mind in the right place to get healthy and your body rebels against you.  I'm going to have to make some kind of changes this next week to kickstart my weight loss.  Any suggestions?  I'm willing to try anything at this point to see my scale start moving.  Thank God my bulimia is under control or I know what I would be turning to right now.  I'm just so sick of being overweight!!!!  If anyone can look at what I'm eating and give me any suggestions on what to change I would appreciate it very much.  Should I kick my exercise up some?  Eat different foods?  Eat less?  Eat more?  Thanks for any help you can give me!


  1. Hello! I hope you get better! Stay in bed and rest! No exercising when your sick!!

    About your weight, listen, is normal for your body not to loose weight every week! Last week for exemple I didn't loose any, and this week I lost 2 lbs. It's normal belive me, if you are eating right and doing your workouts, then you're good.
    The human body is not a machine, and women especialy have hormones that keep us from losing weight to fast because we are suposed to be breader and we need the extra fat.
    My nutricionist even told me that a week before you menstruate it's normal to even gain a few pounds of "water weight" because your body needs the extra fluid. Belive me, don't freak out about it. If you don't loose any weight this week, maybe you will loose next week. If you stay 3 week without any change on your weight then maybe you should review your eating and exercising.
    Don't worry :) and besides, you are sick, so rest!

  2. Thanks Lisa what you said did make me feel alittle better its just hard when you are so determined to lose the weight and your not really seeing that much change. I didn't think about my period which I should be starting anytime now, I'm actually late. I'm just crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

  3. Sweetie, no exercise when you are sick. Drink lots of fluids and rest. I wish I was closer so I could come and help you.
    As for your eating... You are eating too much sugar and carbs in general. You are not eating enough vegetables. Try to avoid highly processed foods like burgers, cereals, various bars, sugary drinks. They do nothing for your weight loss. Eat more eggs, more nuts, beans, fish and lots more vegetables. Most importantly - eat less sugar - a lot less. Of course, that's my view of healthy eating and it's working wonderful for me, but we are all different. Whether you take my advice or not I wish you luck in finding what works for you.

    Get well soon!

  4. I am just getting over a bug myself, and it really put a damper on my exercising. I am right in the middle of the 30 day shred too, but you can't force it. Just ride out the illness and then when you are back, go 110% the next week. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to try to work out 2 times on at least 3 of the days to bounce back, but don't over do it! And keep it up, the most important thing is to never give up!

    <3 Katie
    formerly freaking awesome body, now Finding the THin Within

  5. Katie thats probably what I will do is rest today and then push myself harder when I'm better.

    Floriana what sugar are you talking about? I know in the cereal and I guess in the granola bars. You said something once about the fruits I'm eating have to much sugar, do I have to give up those fruits then? I have decreased my carbs alot but I guess I could reduce them more. This is hard, you have to give up everything that tastes only burgers I eat are veggie burgers, are those not ok? I know the bun is considered a carb. I just don't want to give up so much that I can't continue this for the rest of my life. I don't think I could give up sugar or carbs completely. I've just tried to really reduce my intake by giving up sodas and other sugary drinks, reducing the amounts of carbs I'm eating and increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. Thanks for your tips I will try to watch better what I eat and see if I can reduce anything more.

  6. Oh I forgot thanks Floriana I know you would come and help me. You are so sweet. Hope you got my last email, just email back whenever you get time thats fine. Hope your having a great day. Talk to you soon.

  7. Oh, I didn't say you should give up sugar and carbs, just reduce them if you want to lose more weight faster. There is a middle ground between eating no carbs and a lot of carbs. Take just yesterday - you ate 3 cups of watermelon, 2 cups of cantaloupe, a banana and half a peach. All of them are fine foods, but eating that much in one day is not so good. The only vegetable I see there is the squash. That's not nearly enough. Yoohoo is loaded with sugar. Peppermint patties are candy - right? Eat one of those foods in a day - fine. Eat all of them in one day - not good. I don't know if I am explaining that right. It's about balance not about giving up stuff.

    I understand that you are eating better now. I understand that you want to adjust your diet to your lifestyle so you can keep eating like that forever. I don't think you are eating too much. I do think that you will lose weight if you keep eating the way you are eating now. I am just saying that to lose faster it would help to eat less sugar and less carbs.

  8. Hi Floriana I understand what you were saying. I just posted a new post thanking you for letting me know what I needed to change. Thank you your support means so much to me.