Friday, September 10, 2010

Exercise Challenge

I was recently sick with a cold and I got out of my routine of exercising and when something throws me off like that its very hard for me to get back on track so I've decided to set up an exercise challenge for myself.  I saw something similiar to this on Katie's blog and I decided to do it myself.  Of course her goal is alot higher than mine but I didn't want to set something I wasn't capable of accomplishing, that wouldn't be motivating.

As you can see I have a new ticker on the right side of my screen now and it starts at 0 and goes to 160.  I have challenged myself to walk a 160 miles by New Years.  Now for some of you that might be nothing and maybe once I get going on this challenge I may have to up that number.  The way I came up with this amount was to figure out how many weeks were left until January 1st, 2011 and if I exercised 5 days out of each of those weeks and went 2 miles each time thats 160 miles.  It will be a motivator to see that little person moving across that ticker getting closer to 160.  Thank you Katie for giving me this idea.

Now for my reward!!!   I think a new pair of walking shoes would be a pretty good reward, plus if I walk that far I will need a new pair.  I don't need a reward to finish this challenge because just accomplishing it will be good enough but alittle extra incentive never hurts.  Has anyone bought a pair of the new Shape Ups they have out?  I have wanted a pair but they are like $100.00 and I'm not the kind of person to spend that much money on a pair of shoes.  Are they worth it? 

Just alittle reminder of what I'm working so hard for.


  1. Great idea! That seems a reasonable and achievable goal. Cool reward, too :)

  2. Great reward, Christina! I have a friend who owns a pair of those Shape-Ups and she loves them. :)

  3. Good luck on your challenge!!! And you are so welcome for the idea = ) My goal is definitely large, but those miles can be earned through walking, running, or biking. And I just got the OK from hubs to get my bike so I should be racking them up soon! I hope you meet and exceed your goal!

    <3 Katie

  4. Good luck with your goal :) it's actually a great idea ^^ maybe I will do it myself too hehe.
    About the shoes I don't know if it's worth it or not, sorry. But they look cool :D

  5. I don't know anything about those shoes, but I have spent $100 on a pair of running shoes. It hurts the wallet, but it is good to take care of our feet/knees with decent shoes. I love Mizuno shoes. I would suggest trying a bunch of shoes on at a shoe store to find the ones that feel the best to your feet. I have tried many a pair on and brands that other people swear by HURT my feet. So, try a lot on. ;-)

    GREAT goal! 160 miles by New Year's is not small. I have a lot of running friends. They are *fast* and they rack up the miles. Sometimes I let it get me down that I am not as fast as them or running as much as they are. This never makes me faster or able to run further; it just depresses me. One of those good friends is constantly telling me, "Stop comparing yourself to me or others. Compare yourself to where you used to be." Great advice and so true. We can only compare ourselves to where we used to be and see if we have made improvements. That is the only true/fair gauge.

    Anyway, I love your positive attitude! :-)

  6. Thanks everyone for the advice, Wendy I will definitely try on different shoes first. The shape ups just caught my eye so if they feel good they will probably be the ones I get. I think setting a goal was a way to really motivate myself to exercise and I've never rewarded myself before so that should be fun.

  7. Awesome goal!! You can totally do it! It's funny how 160 seems like a huge number but when you break it down to 2 miles at a time it's not! Yea!!

    I may have to do this after the new year! A goal for 2011~