Sunday, September 26, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
                 1.5 oz raisins
                 1 cup skim milk
                 water (16.9 oz)

Snack- 1/4 cup mixed nuts
            1/4 dried fruit
            water (16.9 oz)

Dinner- 2 riblets
            1 cup broccoli
            1 cup green beans
            1/2 cup corn
            1/2 cup baked beans
            1/2 cup broccoli cheddar rice
            1 deviled egg
            water (16.9 oz)

I skipped lunch today because I got to sleep in this morning and since I got up late I didn't need to squeeze in that extra meal but as you can see I made up for it at dinnertime.

I was suppose to exercise today but its raining here and I hate getting on the treadmill and the bad thing is its suppose to rain all day here tomorrow to.

Update:  Because of a fellow bloggers comment about me not exercising I changed my mind and went.  I ended up walking 4 miles around my neighborhood in 50 minutes...yay for me.... Thanks Becki.


  1. FOr us tosuceed we must do things we dont always want to do. So get on the tred and get moving, you know you want to, you know its what you should do. I ma just here to help and I wish someone would tell me what I need to hear more often. So I am telling you and I will also get my butt moving today just for you.

  2. Now how can I not exercise after reading that post. Thanks Becki for the kick in the butt to get me motivated. I'm going to walk now.

  3. Raisins and dried fruit -> lots of sugar.

    Glad to see you are eating your vegetables :)

  4. Hi Floriana. I know it was alot of sugar but I just ate alittle.....I've been a very bad I promise I'll watch what I eat tomorrow.

  5. Good for you for heading for a walk even though you didnt want to. If I didnt work out when it was nasty outside then come winter I will gain the 40 odd pounds I have lost already this year. Im not letting that happen! Im not a fan of the treadmill either but when I have to use it then I try to make it fun. Do intervals seeing if I can beat my time/speed/distance each time or watch a favorite show I have dvr'd in the workout room.

    Im aiming to do the unthinkable - a full marathon in March which means alot of training during snow season... yuck!

  6. LOL... you know me - I'm your local sugar police officer. Anyway, 1.5oz of raisins = 25g of sugar and just 2g of fiber. Just sayin' :)

  7. Wow I didnt realize raisins had SO much sugar... wow!

  8. Your dinner looks awesome though - full of veggies!

    I wouldn't worry about the sugar in the dried fruit. It's not like you are eating bags and bags of it and there isn't any sugar in anything else you eat. Seems okay if you are going for a well balanced approach (if you are going to cut out all sugars then that's a dif story).

  9. Actually, there is sugar in both skim milk and cereal. Pairing the three together will not help weight loss much.

  10. Thanks for the tips Christina that sounds like a way to make the treadmill not so boring.

    Hi Mary, I don't think I could ever stop eating sugar completely but I am trying to watch how much I eat. Alot of times I don't even think about how much sugar is in something. It's hard to get the thought out of my head that fruit is good for you but then you have to think about how much sugar is in it.

    Hi Floriana, I came online to your last post and I just ate a bowl of cereal with a banana and skim think its time to switch up my breakfast, maybe to eggs.

  11. Hi Christina :) Fruit is good for you, I am not saying it's not, but because of the sugar it's good to watch how much of it we eat. I know you know that, so that's why I make my sugar comments. Also, regular fruit and dried fruit are two different types of food. More about breakfasts later in an email :)

  12. I know you are only trying to help and I love all your tips. It really has helped me to think more about what kinds of food I'm putting in my body. I think I need to be working on eating more protein and less carbs and sugar. Well time to get the kids up for school and get my day started, talk to you later. Have a great day Floriana.