Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bored Again

I'm laying here bored again.  I'm suppose to be studying for a my test in photography tomorrow but I can't even get into that.  Sometimes I just get so unfocused that I can't do anything.  I wrote a post a few days ago about being bored and my solution was to come up with a boredom list I could turn to when I wanted to eat.  I've been working on that list for the last couple of days and this is what I've come up with so far:

1.  Clean the house
2.  Go for a walk
3.  Scrapbook
4.  Read a book
5.  Read blogs and leave comments
6.  Go shopping
7.  Go out taking pictures
8.  Wash my car
9.  Run errands
10. Pamper myself....manicure, pedicure...etc
11. Do schoolwork

As you can see I have plenty to keep me busy I just have no motivation to do anything.  What do you do when you just want to be lazy?  How do you motivate yourself to get up and get things done?  What do you do when you lack inspiration?

I think my mood may be tied to the weather outside.  Its just a gloomy, rainy day and I don't do well on days like this.  Does your mood change according to the weather?  How do you overcome this?

If anyone has any ideas of activities I can add to my boredom list I would appreciate it.  The more I have to keep me busy the better.


  1. I find it hard to motivate myself to do things sometimes(read all the time). Sometimes the only thing that works is to get up and push through the laziness, and at the same time you tell yourself once you are done you can relax. Other times I just turn on my ipod and listen to music while i am doing the things I need to do and that helps me out. Your boredom list looks crowded

  2. When I don't feel motivated, say for something like exercise, I go try to try on my old skinny jeans. That kicks me out of that mood. When I don't want to clean, I take it piecemeal-like between commercials. When I need to study I tell myself I will be SO glad when it is done, and I usually am...

    Polar's Mom

  3. When I can't get motivated, I take whatever task I'm avoiding and break it down into tiny chunks, and it makes it seem much more manageable. Breaking studying into one section of a book at at time, for example, or just exercising for 10 minutes first and then building. Works for me!

  4. When I'm not motivated, I don't do anything. Then I play mind games w/ myself hating every minute of me being slothen-like. LOL

  5. All of you have such good ideas. I don't know why I get like this sometimes but hotmess10 described me perfectly, slothen-like. Thats exactly what I feel like sometimes, a sloth. I've noticed that whenever I have alot piled on me like studying for a test plus housework plus the other millions things I have to do I shut down. I just find it hard to start but once I get started I'm ok. Yesterday was just a lazy day, its not like me to take naps during the day but thats what I did yesterday. At least all my tests are over for awhile and I can enjoy this weekend.