Friday, October 29, 2010

Goals, Challenges and Weigh In Updates

I'm using this post to list all my personal challenges and other blogger challenges in one place so I can keep up with them. I know it seems like I have taken on alot but its keeping me motivated and keeping me busy so I don't think about food so much. So here it goes with all my challenges and updates will be in red.

Weight loss goals (2 lbs a week):
November 2, 2010- 221 lbs (I weigh 224.4 lbs.)
November 30, 2010- 213 lbs (34 lb loss for Thanksgiving, thats a lot to be thankful for)
December 28, 2010- 205 lbs (42 lb loss for Christmas would make it a very merry Christmas)
January 25, 2011- 197 lbs
February 22, 2011- 189 lbs (under 200 for valentines how sweet that would be)
March 22, 2011- 181 lbs
April 19, 2011- 173 lbs
May 17, 2011- 165 lbs (it would be nice to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with me at this weight)
June 14, 2011- 157 lbs
July 12, 2011- 149 lbs ( 2 days before my birthday what a wonderful birthday present to myself)
August 9, 2011- 141 lbs (this would be the smallest I have ever been)

Recommended Daily Allowances:
(not really a challenge but something I need to keep an eye on)
Calories: 1760 to lose 2 lbs a week
              2260 to lose 1 lb a week
Fat: 64 grams
Fiber: 25 grams
Carbohydrates: 300 grams
Sugar: 40 grams
Protein: 50 grams
Sodium: 2400 milligrams

As you can see I have a new ticker on the right side of my screen now and it starts at 0 and goes to 160. I have challenged myself to walk a 160 miles by New Years.
(I have walked 75 miles so far in this challenge.)

Weight Loss Contest: Stephanie from is hosting a weight loss contest where you have to post a picture of yourself weighing in each Friday and at the end of 6 weeks she is giving a prize to the winner. My beginning weight was 237 lbs.
(I have lost 12.6 lbs in the last 6 weeks on this challenge.)

Here is what my scale said this morning.

Hot 100 Challenge:
Steve from is hosting the Hot 100 Challenge. The Hot 100 is a challenge focused on the last 100 days of 2010 beginning September 23, 2010. Here are my goals:

#1....This was my own personal challenge anyway so I'm adding it as my first goal here.....walk 160 miles by New Years.
(I have walked 75 miles so far.)
#2....Continue to eat healthy and exercise so I can lose 20 lbs by New Years. Beginning weight 235.4 lbs.
(I have lost 10.8 lbs so far.)
#3....Make it through the holiday season without falling back into old eating patterns.
(I made it through a Halloween party without overeating so I'm doing pretty good so far.)

Weekly Goals (10/16/10-10/22/10):
(my own personal goals)
1. Water- My goal has been to drink 128 oz of water a day but I still have not managed to accomplish this so that is my first goal this week.
(Have been averaging about 51 to 68 oz a day so I'm changing this goal to 96 oz of water a day.)
2. Sugar- I posted yesterday about my sugar intake and how I was eating more than I should be and I got alot of feedback from fellow bloggers. Their recommendation was to watch the sugar content in the processed foods I eat so that is my next goal. I hope this next week to greatly reduce how much sugar I'm eating.
(I have done really good or at least I think so on watching my sugar intake.)
3. Fruits- I love fruits especially sweet fruits like bananas, apples and grapes but I have learned that fruits have alot of natural sugar in them so you do need to watch how much you eat so my goal this next week is to keep my fruit intake to a maximum of 1-2 servings per day.
(I have managed to keep my fruits to 1-2 servings per day but a couple days I didn't eat any at all.)
4. Vegetables- I have always been a vegetable eater but I have had to learn to replace some of my carbs like macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with vegetables instead. I am learning to try new vegetables that I've never had before to add some variety into my eating and vegetables really are good for you and help to fill you up. So my next goal for this week is to try at least one new vegetable and make sure I get my daily servings of veggies in.
(I had a few days where I didn't get in all my veggies)
5. Carbohydrates- This is probably one of my favorite types of foods, I mean who doesn't love macaroni and cheese and pasta dishes and breads but if you aren't careful these types of food can put alot of weight on you. So this next week I plan on really watching my intake of carbs.
(I'm still doing pretty good at watching my carbs I think I'm staying under my goal of 300 grams a day.)
6. Exercise- I have been doing really good at exercise but I am adding that as one of my goals so that I make sure I continue to get all of my exercise in. I am challenging myself to walk 5-6 days this week and at least 12 miles.
(I missed three days of walking this last week but I have still managed to get in 11.4 miles.)
7. Soda- I have mainly been drinking water but I have been sneaking in a couple diet sodas a week and I want to set a goal to not drink any sodas this next week.
8. Fast Food- I try to pick the healthiest thing when I get fast food but like a friend pointed out to me no fast food is healthy. I'm only picking out the least unhealthy thing on the menu so this is definitely something I need to give up. So my last goal is to completely avoid fast food this next week.

Gettin Sexy Challenge:
Katie from is hosting this challenge for the month of October. As part of the challenge I have to come up with a goal that will make me feel sexier by the end of October. So here are my goals and I'm choosing more than one because they all kind of go together. Beginning weight for this challenge: 232.6 lbs

1. Exercise: I'm going to walk 50 miles.
(I have in 44.5 miles so far.)
2. Food: I'm giving up soda and fast food.
3. Weight: I'm going to lose 10 lbs.
(I have lost 8.2 lbs so far.)

I Refuse to Blow it Over the Holidays Challenge:
This challenge is being hosted by Erika at . Its just a personal challenge not to overeat during the holidays. You just keep track of how much weight you have lost from the first day of fall until after New Years. My beginning weight was 235.4 lbs.

(I have lost 10.8 lbs so far in this challenge.)

I know this seems like alot of goals and challenges but they all kind of fit together I just want to be able to update all of them on the same day to make it easier for me to remember.


  1. You are doing good, Christina! It looks like you are really coming along well on all your Hottie goals.

    ~South Beach Steve

  2. Excellent! The scale is showing all your hard work and your doing great on the goals! Good for you, keep it up and stay positive!

  3. You are doing GREAT with the walking and the weight loss. Really, you should feel positive about your progress.

    Vee at

  4. Thanks Steve, Debbi and Vee I'm really happy with my weight loss so far. I just have to keep working towards my goals and I'll get there.

  5. Wow! You do have a few challenges going. Way to be. ;)

    You're doing great. Keep it up and you'll sail right through the holidays.

    Happy Friday! :)

  6. You're doing great! Good for you for keeping up with all those challenges - such great motivation!

  7. Thanks Salina Lyn, betternexttime and hotmess10. Supportive comments like the ones you all left is what keeps me going. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  8. Congratulations Christina!!!! I'm SO VERY PROUD of you, and you're the winner of my contest! WOOHOOOOOO!!! :) If you'll send me your email address I'll get some information to you about the candle fragrances I have. Thank you for playing along!

  9. Thank you so much Stephanie, your contest came at the perfect time and you have been so supportive. Thanks for hosting this contest and I left my email address on your blog. Again thank you and I can't believe I won something just for losing weight.

  10. Congratulations on your results so far! You're making great progress!

  11. I am still amazed that you are in so many challenges and doing so well at all of them. I am just not sure I could do that. It is all I can do to keep up with my Hot 100 challenge. Great job Chris!!

  12. Thanks Andrew and Shane. Shane at least two of my challenges will be over as of tomorrow, so now I can focus more on just the Hot 100 Challenge.