Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stress Eating and the Festival

As I posted yesterday I was going to the Renaissance Festival with my son today.  I got up this morning and got the kids ready and drove them to school.  We waited in the classroom for awhile waiting on the bus to get there to take the kids to the festival.  It arrived and the kids were loaded on the bus and all the parents had to drive themselves.  Now the plan was for us to follow the bus or at least we thought that was what was going to happen.  As soon as the bus pulled out of the park lot it was gone, luckily I pretty much knew where I was going and I was behind another parent driving there and had two more parents behind me so I figured everything would be fine.  The first 30 minutes of the drive were ok until we got into a busy section crossing over the interstate.  Lets just say that a trip that was suppose to take us like 58 minutes turned into about 1 hour an 45 minutes.  The traffic was so lined up and of course I ended up in the back somehow and everyone else ran off and left me.  I was so stressed out the whole time wondering how I was going to find my son once I got there and how long the bus had already been there waiting on us.  This was my first bout with stress eating since I started this blog.  My anxiety was so high and thats when I remembered I had brought me a small bag of nuts to snack on, I pulled those suckers out and start popping them like pills and about halfway through the bag I realized what I was doing.  The scary part was that it was actually calming me down, I don't want to have to depend on food to do that.  So finally I arrived at the fairgrounds. Before leaving the school I had asked the teacher how I would find them once I got there.  Well she answered we will all be parked together and she was right about that, about 100 white buses scattered over acres of the fairgrounds.  Luckily I spotted another parent from my sons school and asked her if she knew where they were located and she said she had just talked to the teacher and they were just pulling in.  Don't ask me how but all my worrying was for nothing because all the parents made it there before the bus did.  So I went and got my son and we enjoyed ourselves at the Renaissance Festival. 

Here are some pictures of our day at the festival:

As soon as we walked through the gate this was the first thing I seen but I just kept on walking.

The King and Queen of the Renaissance Festival.

My son enjoying his giant turkey leg which we shared for lunch.

One of the shows we watched....juggling fire...scary.

Josh and the fairy princess....I think he really liked her.

They had so many cool buildings that really took you back to the Renaissance period.
 Josh enjoying his chocolate eclair....I did sneak one little bite.

At least all the stress I went through on the way there was worth it to spend a fun day with my son.


  1. Sorry to hear that you had a rough time. However it seems like you turned it around and enjoyed the day with your son. The pics are wonderful !

  2. I'm happy you ended up enjoying your day. Love the pics. My favorite one is the turkey leg..uh..I mean..the picture of your son eating a turkey leg. Did I mention I liked the picture with the turkey leg??

  3. Thank you Sweet Pea and cupcakes. Honestly the turkey leg looked really good but I didn't really like it. I think between me and my son we only hate half of it and threw the rest away. I don't think I'm a turkey leg person, I like the white meat and the thigh but not the leg. We did have alot of fun and I think next year when my other kid goes I'm going to keep all the kids out of school and take them all.

  4. I am glad you had a good time. You handled the stress really good and well done for going prepared and taking nuts with you :)

  5. Hi Floriana its nice to have you back. Of course I went prepared thats thanks to you. I would have never included nuts as part of my eating plan before talking to you but what I'm doing seems to be working. Thank goodness I had the nuts with me because otherwise I may have not walked right past that dessert stand when I went in.

  6. Oh, that Festival looked like such fun! You did a great job turning things around and having a great day. This will be one of those days that Josh will remember fondly when he looks back on his childhood!


  7. That looks like fun. I want a turkey leg now.

  8. Awww, he's cute...and look at him eat. You know, Christina, I really think stress and anxiety are the problem - for me anyway - and it seems to be common among the overweight. I have friends who can't eat when they are stressed (not me). Some people turn to other vices as well. I don't want food to make me feel better either. Don't you think it was a good thing that you noticed what you were doing - a lightbulb moment, I'd say.

  9. It was alot of fun and I love making memories with my kids.

    I think alot of overweight people are emotional eaters, whether its stress, depression or happiness. I myself can always find an emotion that deserves a piece of cake...lol...but now I have to learn to deal with those emotions in other ways and it was very good that I had a lightbulb moment today because it showed me something I needed to work on.