Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
                 1/4 mixed nuts
                 1 cup skim milk
                 water (16.9 oz)

Lunch- small bowl of taco chili w/ lite sour cream
            water (16.9 oz)

Snack- 20 oz low cal strawberry milkshake

Dinner- 2 riblets
             1/4 cup corn
             1 cup roasted squash
             1 cup green beans
             1/2 cup baked beans
              water (16.9 oz)

I tried not to eat alot today because I have to weigh in the morning.

I walked 2 miles in 28 minutes around my neighborhood.

Now for my goals that I set for the week:
1. Water- 51 oz.
2. Sugar- within limits
3. Fruit- none
4. Vegetables- at dinner
5. Carbs- within limits
6. Exercise- 2 mil/28 min.
7. Soda- none
8. Fast food- none


  1. I have to weigh in tomorrow morning too. I think I am going to have asparagus and cucumbers for dinner. I Might be able to dig out a chicken leg too. It's a much better pre-weigh in meal than over salted take out. Also, it's what I've already got in the crisper drawer.

  2. I keep meaning to get some asparagus and roast it and I love cucumbers. Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow.

  3. Great goals for the week. Is that 51 ounces per day? Good luck in the morning. You got this! ;-)
    Keep up the great work!


  4. Hi Becky. Yea those are the goals I set for the week and how I did with them. The 51 oz is how much water I drank yesterday.