Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food and Exercise Journal

Breakfast- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
                 1 banana
                 1 cup skim milk

Lunch- 5 oz chicken, 1 slice cheese and honey
            mustard on 2 slices whole wheat bread
            diet dr pepper (16.9 oz)

Snack- 1/4 cup mixed nuts
            1 lowfat mozzarella stick
            water (16.9 oz)

Dinner- 1 1/2 cups bran cereal
             1 banana
             1 cup skim milk
             water (16.9 oz)

Eating wasn't to bad today.  As you can see I broke my no soda challenge for the week and honestly I thought I had a good excuse.  We have 3 drink machines at school in the building I'm in and I forgot to take my water this morning so I got really thirsty.  So here I go to the first drink machine to get some flavored water I wanted to try and low and behold it wouldn't take my change.  So off to the second machine I go to just get a bottle of plain water and wouldn't you know it, it took my change but no water.  And of course with my luck the third drink machine doesn't even sell water so I had to get a diet soda.  Now I could say that was a good excuse for breaking my challenge but it wasn't because right down the hall was a water fountain but my mind did not even remind me of that.  I guess one diet soda in the last week or so isn't going to kill me. 

I just finished with my walk, 2 miles in 30 minutes around the neighborhood.

Now for my goals that I set for the week:
1. Water- 34 oz.
2. Sugar- stayed within limits
3. Fruit- 2 servings today
4. Vegetables- none
5. Carbs- stayed within limits
6. Exercise- 2 mil/30 min.
7. Soda- 16.9 oz
8. Fast food- none

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  1. Everyone needs to cheat now and then. At least it was diet soda and not regular soda!