Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Life can get so hectic that we forget about our own needs to worry about everyone elses.  That's where I feel like I'm heading lately.  Between going to school, cleaning, cooking, raising 3 kids and all the other random stuff that comes along with being a mother and wife I'm stressed to the max. 

I'm still eating right and exercising but it just seems like I'm losing some of my momentum.  I'm going through the motions but I'm not really focused on what I'm trying to achieve.  Maybe thats a good thing, maybe that means its becoming habit and I don't have to think about losing weight every second of the day but if thats true then this is a new experience for me. 

It's hard to keep going on this journey when you are surrounded by people who really don't support you.  I know there are people around me that are secretly wishing I would fail once again.  To those people I say KISS MY BIG FAT ASS because your negativity only gives me strength and determination to keep going.

I wrote this post to remind myself why I started this weight loss journey.  It's my time to put myself first and to become who I know I can be and I refuse to let anyone or anything stand in my way.  I will not spend one more second of my life damaging my body, mind or spirit.  I love my family and I will continue to do everything I can to take care of them but I need time to take care of myself to.  Like the saying goes if momma ain't happy nobody's happy. 

I am recommitting myself to my weight loss goals and to everything I'm trying to accomplish, not only for myself but for my family to.  I need to get refocused on what's most important right now and stop letting everything else stand in my way.  Screw the people that don't support me because I don't need you to succeed.  I'm the star of this show and its time for me to shine.


  1. Definately agree... sometimes its so hard to put us first. But we are better moms, wives, friends ect when we are healthy and happy. And you deserve it!

    Sorry you dont have the support. I didnt for a while. My husband thought it was just another phase and I would quit again and he likes me alittle "thicker" but once he realized I was pushing through with or without his support and that he liked the way my body was changing then he finally got on board and has been helpful. Thank goodness I have some great friends that are very supportive!


  2. Thanks Christina for your supportive comment. I'm hoping my husband starts thinking the same way. I checked out the running site that you posted here and thanks alot maybe that will help me build up to running gradually.

  3. You gave me something to think about this morning. Even mentioned it in my posting I just did. Thanks. Vee at

  4. Christina, A to the MEN to this post! Haters will be haters, you just gotta keep your game up and give them something to hate!

  5. It is hard to stay motivated among those who aren't supporting you. You can do this though. Recommitting is the first step. Don't let anyone, I mean anyone, take away your goals here. You can do this Christina! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    ~South Beach Steve

  6. You go girl! It's hard to believe that anyone would want anyone else to fail. I find it motivating when someone is achieving a dream. But I know there are people that get off on seeing someone fall down. I have some of those in my life too! But good for you that you found a way to turn that negative energy around and use it for good!


  7. I loved how you closed out this post. You wrote, "Screw the people that don't support me because I don't need you to succeed. I'm the star of this show and its time for me to shine."

    I think I'm going to use that when I'm giving myself my next pep talk. That's brilliant! And there will always be doubters and people who want to throw obstacles in your path for one reason or another, but that's their problem, not yours. They can't stop you, and you WILL succeed!

    It's your time to shine!

  8. I loved being a part of this weight loss community because whenever you need that extra push to keep going you always have so many there to give it to you.

    AMEN Shane!!!!

    Steve you are absolutely right I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    Mary I use to let peoples negativity turn me into a negative person to but I refuse to allow that anymore because thats what they want. They are miserable so they want everyone around them miserable to. Once you stop giving them that power over you then you become empowered by their negativity.

    Charlotte you got that right I WILL succeed. I may have moments when I need alittle extra encouragement but I am going to lose the weight and be healthy. It's time for me to shine.

  9. You can do this Christina. Never mind the naysayers. Woo hoo!

    I know what you mean about forgetting yourself, what with family, work, school, etc. I feel the exact same way. Actually, I'm slipping a little bit right now and I can't quite pull myself back out yet, but I'm getting there.

    I had a hot chocolate w/ whip cream and a butter tart for breakfast. Um definitely not on plan. :(

  10. You go girl! The time is here and now for you and there cannot be any compromise. I feel the power and energy in you're re-commitment so stand your ground and let those doubting thomas' kiss you soon to be smaller ass!

  11. Hotmess sorry to hear you are slipping alittle and I hope you can pull yourself out soon. If you need any help or someone to talk to I'm always here. We all have to help each other.

    Mind Over Fatter thanks alot and you are right I am pumped up and ready to start this next part of my weight loss journey.

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