Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo Challenge Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my challenge to myself to take 1 picture everyday for a year.  I have been out taking pictures all day long for my photography class but that was with my film camera.  Of course I kept forgetting to take any with my digital camera so I snapped these when I got home.  I love the color of the leaves this time of year.
I also took a couple extra shots because the kids wanted their pictures taken seperately.


  1. Great photos and cute boys. Or should I say handsome (since they are probably too old for 'cute')? ;-)

  2. Thank you so much, they are so use to me taking pictures they pose themselves and then tell me to take the picture....lol

  3. Good-lookin' dudes there, Christina! Do they have totally different personalities? I'm seeing one with the tie-dye shirt and the other in a button-up with glasses. Or maybe they're more alike than they appear? It's awesome that they'll pose for you. Maybe mine don't like to pose because they know it will take me forever to get a semi-decent shot.

    Oh, and I'm seriously jealous of those fall colors on the leaves! Gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Kelly

    Its funny that you ask that Charlotte because actually its usually the one in the tie dyed that is wearing a button up shirt and the other is the more relaxed of the two but for some reason this day they swapped personalities. They are twins but they definitely have different personalities. Yea thats why I put them around those trees was because of the colors. I'm suppose to be going to the mountains this weekend to take pictures of all the beautiful leaves so I will posting some of them on here.