Monday, October 11, 2010

A challenge and a giveaway

First off I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I found today and alittle about the person hosting the giveaway.  Laura from is giving away a free issue of Shape magazine to 5 different bloggers who comment on her blog post and post about the giveaway on their own blog.  Now to whats so special about this particular issue she is giving away.  Laura is featured in this magazine because of her incredible weight loss, she has lost 125  I'm so proud that one of our fellow bloggers is becoming a weight loss celebrity.  Her story should motivate all of us that we can achieve our goals.

Ok now for my second topic.  I mentioned in my food and exercise journal  that I wasn't walking today because I am going to get plenty of walking in tomorrow.  I am going on a field trip with my 9 year old to the Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC.  So once again I have the challenge of avoiding all the yummy food there.  I've never been to the Renaissance Festival before but it should be alot of fun as long as I can stay away from all the bad food.  I'm sure they will have something I can eat if not I'm going to take a couple snacks with me so I have something to tide me over until I get home.  I just look forward to spending some time with my son and taking lots of pictures.

Update:  I ended up walking after all.  I was telling my husband how bored I was so he suggested we go jog a few laps.  I did jog alittle but not much, we ended up walking 1.5 miles.


  1. Wow, 125 lbs and on the cover of Shape!!!!! You won't be seeing me there after I lose my weight - LMAO. I'll check it out. Do they really sell smoked turkey legs like that at the R. Fair? If

  2. Oops, featured...well that is just as good. I better turn my eyes on.

  3. Yea that picture actually came from the website for the festival, lets just say I won't be eating one of those....they do look yummy though.

  4. Oh my...I LOVE smoked turkey legs. Have fun!

  5. oh man... I've only been once but I'm sure you'll have fun!!

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