Monday, October 18, 2010


I usually post everything in seperate posts but since its already so late I'm just going to cram it all into one.  This post is about newbies for me......... a new food find, a new experience and a new recipe.

My first newbie tonight is a new gum I found and maybe some of you have already seen or tried it but I had to have some.  Its called Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights gum.  There are 3 different varieties.....Strawberry Shortcake.....Key Lime Pie.......Mint Chocolate Chip.  I of course had to try the Mint Chocolate Chip because I love that flavor in ice cream.  Its a sugarfree gum with only 5 calories a stick and I have to say it tasted just like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I will definitely be trying the other flavors and when I'm having a sweet craving this will help out.  I couldn't find a picture online of the flavor I bought.

My second newbie would be a feeling I experienced tonight that I don't know if I've ever had before.  I was eating my dinner which consisted of frozen lasagna and a slice of garlic bread when I realized just how much I was enjoying each and every bite.  I have always been such a fast eater that I've never really even tasted my food no less enjoyed it.  Tonight I found myself taking small bites and chewing and paying attention to the texture and taste.  I think maybe its because instead of having my plate loaded down with so much food I only had a small piece of lasagna and my piece of bread and I wanted to slow down and enjoy it.  I will be focusing on this more in my future meals, it was a great feeling.

Now for my last newbie.  Tonight I made myself and my kids a banana pudding milkshake.  I followed the same recipe that I used a few nights ago which can be found at this link but I decided to make it a banana pudding milkshake instead of chocolate.  Again I want to thank Charlotte at for the original recipe and there are so many different flavors I have yet to try.  Here is the recipe I used tonight:

1 cup skim milk
8 ice cubes
2 tbls fat-free sugar-free instant vanilla pudding
2 tbls fat-free cool whip
1 banana diced
9 vanilla wafers, crushed

Place milk, ice cubes, vanilla pudding and cool whip in a blender and blend for 3-4 minutes.  Add in diced banana and pulse to break up, then add in crushed vanilla wafers and pulse once to combine.  Pour into a glass and enjoy or you can place in freezer for 4-5 minutes to thicken and chill.

This milkshake tasted pretty close to banana pudding and would satisfy my sweet tooth if that is what I was craving.  I did manage to take a picture before we ate it all, I tried topping it with 2 banana slices but they sunk before I could snap the shot.

This recipe made 28 oz of shake and I did figure up the nutritional information for the whole recipe.

Calories         415
Fat                 4g
Sodium          866mg
Carbs             83g
Fiber              3g
Sugar             41g
Protein           10g


  1. OMG!! I have never seen the gum!! But I so am on the look out now!!

  2. I love the mint chocolate chip gum, but the strawberry shortcake one was a little weird for me, then again, I never have been a big fan on non-mint flavored gum, so its no surprise.

  3. I sometimes get upset by the yogurt and the gum that's dessert flavored because it's not real dessert. So it doesn't replace it, haha. But yeah, that stuff is pretty good. Not a replacement, but definitely tasty!


  4. :O That gum looks awesome! I must go buy some! Thanks for sharing darlin!

  5. I was chewing the new chocmintkind and my child (who isnt allowed to chew gum yet...too young in my mind) kept asking me to take it out so she could smell it :)

    and then she'd say YUM MAMA YUM.

    classic :)


  6. Thrice Blessed I was going to buy the strawberry shortcake kind but they were out. I'm glad I bought the mint chocolate chip kind though because it is so good. Hope everybody likes it when they try it.

  7. The mint chocolate chip is awesome! Except I always seem to want ice cream after chewing it???? :)

  8. Thanks Debbi, it was really good.

    Brigitte that could be a problem but the gum is so good.